A Bit More

Brandon attended NAIT in 2017 – 2019 studying in the field of D.M.I.T (Digital Media and Interactive Technology) where he graduated with a designation in Web Development, and an understudy of marketing and business communications. It was here at NAIT, where Brandon would go on to start his first marketing gig as an intern at Top Draw Inc. – this would progress into full time employment as well as getting promoted from intern to Account Coordinator on the Account Management team.

Before diving into marketing, he worked for a gigantic industrial supply company called Gregg Distributors Inc. In this position Brandon was a sales representative for 7 years! When you sell for a living, every sale counts and Brandon learned quickly how to read the customer and solve their problems as they arose over the years. Brandon feels strongly about how important structure is in a workplace and recalls this very environment helped structure who he is today. Brandon is an attention to detail person, who thrives in the chaos and thoroughly enjoys managing his clients at Bluetrain.

In his spare time he’s most likely with his adorable French Bulldog…Frank! When Brandon isn’t spending time with his fur baby, you can find him on a patio or at a cocktail bar with friends. Brandon is a huge music enthusiast and is always listening to music as he claims its “therapeutic”.