A Bit More

Chelsey has over 4 years of experience within the Digital Marketing Space. Previous to that, she was in school for Marketing and Styling, at Blanche MacDonald, located in Vancouver BC. But after a small family event, Chelsey realized she wanted to venture into Health Care. When She finished at Blanche MacDonald she applied to School in Kamloops, BC where she finished her certification as a Nursing Assistant.

After a serious burnout and over 5 years in healthcare, she realized she was struggling to make that balance between work and home (in health care it is almost impossible to leave your work at work) and started her journey back into the Marketing space where she found her niche in Digital Marketing and Project Management.

Chelsey started her journey back into the industry at a local start-up in Kamloops, where she quickly moved into the role of Head of Operations. As the business evolved she found her love for the digital space.

From there, she ventured out on her own working with many different Canadian and American clients as a consultant for Digital Marketing Management, Content Creation, and Strategy, along with consulting on Internal Operations and Project Management.

Chelsey has now joined the Bluetrain team as a Content Creator for the Social Team and is looking forward to bringing her skill set to the team, along with her passion for a healthy work-life balance.

When she is not rocking that Content Creation life you can find her sipping craft beer while flipping through Vogue, or out venturing with her family, as she is a new mom to a beautiful baby boy.