A Bit More

Jenaya joined the Bluetrain Social Media & Content Creation Team as a Digital Content Creator in 2021. 

Before Bluetrain, Jenaya was the Digital Marketing Assistant for Simplified Social and was responsible for content creation, social media management, and event coverage. 

She just recently completed her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing and a minor in Strategic Management. Her path to marketing was not a straight one: she was first accepted to the U of A to pursue Engineering but eventually, she discovered her love for marketing and “how it could be the perfect fusion of creativity and analytics”. 

Jenaya is a die-hard Edmontonian. She loves her city (“probably too much for my own good”, she adds). When she’s not diving into client’s Facebook analytics, you can find Jenaya being crafty in every which way, and tinkering with little projects – she says that Pinterest is her suburban-mom drug of choice.