A Bit More

Born and raised in Vietnam, Khoa immigrated to Canada with his family in 2013 and has been loving it here ever since. Moving across the country from time to time, he had recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Psychology and is excited to be part of Bluetrain.


While he was a student, he embarked on several life-changing opportunities which fostered his passion for marketing and led him further into the field. Some of these are internships at leading firms such as Savills and Edelman, where he gained valuable hands-on marketing experiences in both the corporate and agency environments. As he delved deeper into the field and was thrilled by the experiences, he discovered his passion is for marketing along with a growing desire to do more. With his experiences in different industries and psychology background, he hopes to leverage them to create value for his clients in his new role as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.


Aside from his passion for marketing, he has a huge love for soccer and a good burger. Khoa is also a wanderlust that loves to travel spontaneously and experience as many accommodations as he can.