A Bit More

Born and raised in Toronto, Sarah studied Radio and Television Broadcasting, Communications, and Public Relations at Seneca at York University. She followed her passion for communication and entertainment to a variety of radio stations in different cities across Canada, including ones in Toronto, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Muskoka, Stratford and beyond. Working at a variety of different stations with vastly different markets allowed Sarah to explore roles in advertising sales, audio production, and radio personality. She embraced those new and challenging experiences, meeting new people and stepping outside her comfort zone. Sarah’s love for radio allowed her to discover a hidden talent for community building and helping local businesses find their voice.

Since radio is one of the oldest forms of communication, it may never be completely gone. Digital communication continued to grow in a way that was hard for Sarah to ignore. The broadcast industry was harnessing digital tools to improve their brand, reach, and voice, and Sarah learned how to optimize and use these new marketing channels in combination with radio and other traditional marketing. Sarah’s advertising experience provided her with a well-rounded understanding of her clients’ marketing efforts. She has customer service and relationship building experience that allows her to create connections with her clients and help them exceed their business potential. Sarah is always looking to try new things and learn about new trends in marketing and the media; she is passionate about the projects she is working on at Bluetrain and brings new energy to the team as an Account Manager.

When Sarah is not at work (and sometimes when she is,) she enjoys hanging out with her rescue dog Jasper (who has since been given the title of “Director of Greetings”), exploring trails of Alberta parks system, spending time with family, volunteering, cooking, going to concerts and festivals, meeting new people and listening to music, old and new. If you challenge her to ‘name that tune’, prepare to go down!