A Bit More

Sophia has a business educational background, with expertise in account and project management.

Sophia studied Business Administration and Management at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec and graduated with honors. She is a kind, organized and warm-hearted person with a spicy entrepreneurial Spirit. Sophia understands the importance and challenges of communicating in a way that is captivating, enticing and engaging, especially to an online audience. Her success has been in building strong relationships with stakeholders, providing clear and transparent communication, and having a keen eye for details as well as conceptualizing the bigger picture.

When Sophia isn’t working, you can find her outside frolicking in Nature, cooking up something oatmeal related in the kitchen, reading or listening to a podcast related to holistic wellbeing, doing a yoga flow and/or meditating, dancing, and talking about Life and its mysteries with a friend over a good cup of coffee.