This week on the blog, I sat down to play 21 Questions with Avery Johnson, Bluetrain’s newest team member and account manager.

Learn about what inspired Avery to leave her cozy Alberta town and chase after her Jurassic dreams!

DG: First question (an easy one): Where did you grow up?
AJ: In a small town south of Red Deer called Innisfail.

DG: What did you love most about growing up in Innisfail?
AJ: I think it was that everyone knew everyone. And I worked at the drugstore, so I really knew everyone!

DG: Any siblings?
AJ: Yes, one “little” brother named Lee.
DG: (Laughs) How old is Lee?
AJ: He’s 24. (Laughs)

DG: What words do you think your family would use describe you?
AJ: Hmm… “outgoing”, “tenacious”, “vivacious”, “talkative”!

DG: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
AJ: I wanted to be a paleontologist.
DG: You went to school for that, didn’t you?
AJ: I went to school for archeology, which is like the next best thing.
DG: I don’t think Indiana Jones would say that!

DG: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
AJ: We’ve been in Alberta for 7 generations, but I guess I would say we’re like a Heinz 57, a little mix of everything. We have some Irish in us and maybe some Icelandic I think?

DG: And what’s your family like?
AJ: I’m very close with my brother but I would say we are all fairly independent people.

DG: You manage your own blog, what do you like most about blogging?
AJ: I like putting my thoughts to paper… or the Internet, rather.

DG: How long have you been blogging for?
AJ: I’ve been blogging for the last 5 years, but probably only seriously for the last few months.
DG: And what’s made you decide to focus more on your blog?
AJ: I had some free time and wanted to learn more about WordPress and how to maintain a website.

DG: You have an incredibly diverse background from both a work and education perspective. What have you been able to take away from your past work experiences?
AJ: Relationships are everything. Not just relationships with clients, but also with your co-workers. I’ve found that building meaningful relationships are a key part of succeeding in any job. Something else that was surprising for me to learn is how much of a geek I can be. When I was in school I always disliked statistics and data. But I’ve found that when I’ve had to apply those skills in a job setting, I’m actually a really big nerd! (Laughs)

DG: So, what made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
AJ: When I was doing my psych degree, I took a consumer behavior class and realized I wanted to be in marketing. So when I started looking for a new job, I focused on looking at digital marketing agencies and Bluetrain stood out the most to me for the work culture, I could identify with it.

DG: How have your first few weeks on the job been?
AJ: My training has been really interesting, I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned to Bluetrain’s accounts.

DG: Random and obligatory question: do you play volleyball or squash? (Bryan is always looking for teammates.)
AJ: No, I’m really bad at volleyball. I’ve never played squash either, but I’ve always wanted to learn.

DG: What do you like to do in your spare time?
AJ: I’m obsessed with TV and movies. I really like the production side so I love watching and over-analyzing everything that happens. I also love hiking in the river valley.

DG: What’s your favorite movie and your favorite trail?
AJ: Jurassic Park, without a doubt. I’ve seen it over 100 times. With hiking, I like to find new trails all the time but there is a really pretty hike that starts by the zoo, winds all the way up to Hawrelak and then loops back to the zoo. I don’t remember what it’s called though!

DG: Do you have any bucket-list items or aspirations that you would be willing to share with us?
AJ: Having been a student for what feels like forever, I haven’t really had a chance to travel. Plus I’m a huge history geek so I’d love to see Europe.

DG: What are your views on mushrooms and olives? (Our office is very divided on these two foods.)
AJ: Um, yeah, I like them both. (Laughs)

DG: And if you had to choose between cupcakes or cookies for your birthday, which would you choose?
AJ: Cupcakes. All day, every day.
DG: (Laughs) Very decisive answer. I like it. When is your birthday?
AJ: July 27th, it just passed.
DG: No!!!

DG: Any pet peeves we should know about?
AJ: It’s mostly just stuff my fiancé does… I can’t think of any that anyone else does. (Laughs)

DG: What’s your favorite book?
AJ: Jurassic Park. And 1984 by George Orwell.

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