This week on the blog, we sat down to play 21 Questions with Bluetrain’s favourite intern, Faustina Banh.

Read on to learn more Faustina and how she balances a packed schedule of academic, extra-curricular and work commitments. (Seriously, this girl is no joke. She could be giving us all classes on how to time manage like a boss.)

DG: First off, Did you grow up right here in Edmonton?
FB: Yes, I did! Edmonton, born and raised.

DG: What did you love most about growing up?
FB: Most of my memories revolve around hanging out with my extended family every weekend as they all live in the city.
DG: Who is your immediate family?
FB: I have my mom, dad, and younger siblings. My sister is the second oldest and my brother is the youngest of the family.

DG: What words do you think your family would use describe you?
FB: Usually, I’m considered the stubborn one of the family. However, I also like challenging my family’s world views. I’ve also started to show my weird self around the house; so, I think they think I’m the super crazy and stubborn, but possibly insightful child.

DG: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
FB: I’ve always wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up. It really makes me tick when I can help someone understand new aspects of life that they didn’t know about or have even considered. It really fires me up when I see that ‘ah ha!’ moment in their eyes.

DG: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
FB: My parents are both immigrants from Vietnam, but they’re Chinese. It has been confusing for a long time of my life as I thought I at least had a drop of Vietnamese blood in me (alluded from my Vietnamese last name) but I’m full Chinese.
DG: Word on the street is, your name translates to something interesting. Want to tell us about it?
FB: Haha, well! Let me tell you…My last name in Vietnamese means cookies/baked goods and my first name in Latin means fortunate. So technically, I’m Fortune Cookie.
DG: Amazing. I love it.

DG: You are an incredible hip hop dancer, what first inspired you to try hip hop?
FB: I don’t remember when my interest for the art started, but ever since high school, some of my friends got into it and that’s when I got introduced more into the sport. I found myself watching more and more hip hop videos on Youtube and thinking that I really wanted to try it out.
DG: Who are some of your favorite artists you like to dance to?
FB: I’m still discovering new artists to dance to, but anything that makes me want to groove is a good artist to me!

DG: You are very involved in extra-curricular activities at the U of A, care to tell us about all the clubs you volunteer with?
FB: I am currently part of the Alberta International Business Competition (AIBC) as their VP marketing and the University of Alberta Marketing Association (UAMA) as the VP External Logistics. In UAMA, my responsibility is planning our marketing conference happening on Oct 15. As for AIBC, it’s an entirely new club so I have to build all marketing materials for the competition from scratch; this ranges from our logo to our website to the Facebook pages.

DG: How do you balance school, work, hip hop and all that volunteering? (Tips! We want tips!)
FB: Oh gosh. Well, the first thing I did was map out everything I wanted to do in the year and then slowly piece together when I wanted to work, what times I went to school, and try to fit hip hop into that schedule. When looking at clubs I want to volunteer at, I looked at my schedule before I even joined the executive teams and asked the Chairs of the club on when the heaviest workload would be for the club and plan accordingly. I made sure to give myself a decent amount of time on all days of the week for school work and unexpected events that may happen. The biggest life saver thing is definitely Google Calendar. Without that app, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with my day-to-day life. It keeps me on track and gives me updates whenever I have something to do. I put EVERYTHING in there so that I don’t forget it when it comes up, and it’s also nice to refer back to if I ever need to do so!
DG: So young and yet so wise!

DG: What made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
FB: Bryan. Hands down. I actually met him through RMBS, then at AIESEC Edmonton’s Corporate Breakfast conference I was planning, and then at a UAMA’s MKT-ing event. Every time I met with him or emailed him, he was always warm and welcoming, full of wisdom and humor. Those qualities really drew me to the company and then when I met the other team members, I knew I had found a great place to work.

DG: How do you like working here so far?
FB: I’m lovin’ it.
DG: Marketing pun? Nice…
FB: It’s actually really amazing. I’m not even joking when I say how nice and welcoming everyone is. The team is always ready to help one another, and they’re interested in your life beyond the work material. Bryan also gives me a lot of flexibility in the work I do, allowing me to try new things and apply my skills.

DG: Random and obligatory question: do you play volleyball or squash? (Bryan is always looking for teammates.)
FB: Squash! I tried volleyball in junior high during PHYS ED class and wasn’t the greatest at it. I did like spiking the ball though… I picked up squash a few years back when some of my friends started playing. I’m only starting to get a little more serious in the sport now.

DG: Aside from dancing, what do you do for fun?
FB: I like keeping active! So things like going to the gym, running, figure skating, snowboarding, and longboarding. I also like exploring creative outlets; so far, I’ve gotten into knitting, drawing/sketching/painting, graphic design, photography, calligraphy, and, of course, dance.
DG: You’ve found Hermione’s Time Turner, haven’t you…?

DG: What are some of your all-time favorite movies?
FB: This isn’t my favourite favourite movie but it always pops up when someone asks me this question. This Means War, or Friends With Benefits. They’re both too hilarious. Other than those, nothing really comes to mind. The question is too broad!
DG: Ha ha okay, sorry!

DG: Any pet peeves we should know about?
FB: When people don’t refill the toilet paper thing in the washrooms. The struggle is real.
DG: Right?

DG: Do you have any bucket-list items or aspirations that you would be willing to share with us?
FB: I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go to Europe. Where in Europe you may ask? No clue. Just… Europe.

DG: And if you had to choose between cupcakes or cookies for your birthday, which would you choose?
FB: Cookies! I like cupcakes but not too big on too much frosting.

DG: Also, when is your birthday?
FB: June 28. The best day of the year!

DG: What is your favorite quote?
FB: “Enjoy the journey, not just the destination”

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