Bluetrain is proud to introduce Hannah Martin, our new Digital Marketing Associate. Learn about the many places Hannah has lived, her surprising favourite food, and her previous job working for a major carbonated beverage company.

RB: Where did you grow up?
HM: Lots of places! I was born in England, then I lived in Scotland, and I lived in Newfoundland, and I lived in Calgary, and went to school in Vancouver, and now Edmonton.
RB: When did you come to Edmonton?
HM: I came to Edmonton three years ago, right after university.
RB: How long were you in England and Scotland before you came over here?
HM: I moved to Canada when I was 11.
RB: You don’t have an accent!
HM: Oh no, I lost it! I tried to fit in really bad when I came here.

RB: What did you like most about growing up in all those places?
HM: I liked how it always changed. I liked that there was always something new on the horizon.

RB: Any siblings?
HM: Yes, one younger sister.
RB: Where in the world did she end up?
HM: She’s in BC.
RB: And your parents?
HM: In Calgary.
RB: You guys like Canada?
HM: YES! Ever since I was little my mom’s goal was to live in Canada.

RB: What words would your family use to describe you?
HM: I think they’d say I’m funny. I’m pretty sure they laugh AT me not WITH me. They’d say I’m a go-getter as well.

RB: What is your family like?
HM: They’re nice people. I love my family! They’re the best.

RB: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an eye doctor.
RB: Do you wear glasses?
RB: So you were just fascinated with eyeballs?
HM: Yeah. My dog always had the tear ducts that run so I would always make sure her face was nice and clean. My parents would say, “You’re always poking at her eyes!”
RB: Aww, that’s very sweet!

RB: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
HM: My dad was born in the Philippines, but his ancestry is British so I would probably describe myself as 100 per cent British. I wouldn’t say specifically English because my hair gives me away as Irish and the majority of them come from England at some point in time.

RB: What made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
HM: I was looking for a career change. Something different to what I was previously doing.

RB: How long were you with Pepsi?
HM: I was there just under three years working as an account representative.
RB: How did you get into that?
HM: I started with them through the University. I was on their campus hire program so I just took another step up the ladder.
RB: But you did school in Vancouver…
RB: I did school in Vancouver and then they hired me full-time in Edmonton.
RB: Oh! So they recruited you in Vancouver and brought you to Edmonton? Gotcha! Do you miss Vancouver?
HM: I was going to say I miss the weather but not right now since it’s snowing.
RB: And they go into crisis mode when it snows.
HM: 1cm of snow and the city shuts down!
*both laugh*
HM: But I do miss the ocean. I like the sound of it, and the humidity!

RB: What do you think about the world of digital marketing?
HM: Ever changing and exciting.
RB: It IS changing, all the time! That’s for sure.

RB: What will you take away from your past work experience that you’ll apply to your current position at Bluetrain?
HM: Patience and learning the process.

RB: Favourite Food?
HM: Hot dogs! Hot dogs are my all-time favourite food. And I know they’re gross, but I love them. I even got a hot dog roller for Christmas!
RB: That’s awesome! How often do you eat hot dogs?
HM: I’m on my new year’s diet so monthly, but I would have previously said every two weeks. There was one week that I ate a hot dog every single day though…
*both laugh*

RB: Mushrooms or olives?
HM: Neither! It’s all about the texture. If they were both on my pizza, I probably wouldn’t eat the pizza.

RB: What do you do to relax?
HM: I read and go to the gym – not at the same time though.

RB: What is your guilty pleasure?
HM: I like chocolate a lot!
RB: Dark, white, milk?
HM: Regular milk chocolate – Cadbury!

RB: Favourite book or movie?
I have favourite authors just because the books they write are often very similar. Jody Picoult, and the murder mystery books by James Patterson.
RB: And movie?
HM: I love Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, but Finding Nemo was better.

RB: Do you play volleyball or squash? This is a mandatory question from Bryan.
HM: I used to play both but I recently had knee surgery so I’m not cleared to play either.
RB: Oh no, what happened?
HM: Soccer injury. I tore my ACL and they removed my meniscus as well so I don’t have much going on in there.

RB: Summer or winter?
HM: I’m not built for either! I’m a Spring/Fall type of person.
RB: Do you burn easy?
HM: Yes!

RB: Tea or Coffee?
HM: Neither. I like hot chocolate.
RB: Nice! You and Faustina will be fighting over all the hot chocolate here!

RB: Cookies or cupcakes?
HM: Cookies & Cream Cupcakes – best of both worlds! At Confetti Sweets they actually have cupcakes with the cookies on top of them!
RB: Awesome! Why choose?!
HM: Why deprive yourself?!

RB: When is your birthday?
HM: August 26th
RB: Summer baby!

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