We welcome our newest Account Manager, Dan Drammis, to the team. He joins us all the way from England but has travelled to many places before landing in Canada. Get to know this worldly Englishman in our latest 21 Questions.

1. RB: Where did you grow up?
DD: In the southwest of England. Small county town called Dorchester. Most people in England wouldn’t even know where it is.

2. RB: What did you like most about growing up in Dorchester?
DD: I enjoyed growing up in the country. Dorchester is probably one of the last places in England you can look around and see green fields because everything else is getting developed up now.
RB: Did you live in Dorchester your whole life?
DD: I grew up there and then went to University in Southampton which is just a few hours up the coast. After that, I moved to Bristol and then I felt like doing something fun so went on a 5-month road trip around America.
RB: How was America for you?
DD: It was the first time driving on the wrong side of the road.
RB: Weird right?
DD: Yeah but the roads are quite wide and there wasn’t a lot of traffic for long stretches of the highway so at least I couldn’t do any damage to anyone else. After that I went back to Bournemouth, England and worked in advertising as an Account Executive for 8 months. I had caught the travel bug though so I decided to move to Australia and travel around the area with a few trips to Asia as well. I met my girlfriend in Australia then officially moved to Ardrossan on June 15.
RB: So you’ve lived all over? Very cool.

3. RB: Any siblings?
DD: Yes, I am the youngest. I’ve got an older sister and an older brother.
RB: Are they all in England?
DD: My sister is a model in LA and my brother is an air steward based in England but he’s basically never there. He’s probably seen more of the world than both me and my sister combined.
RB: Very cool. Worldly family!

4. RB: What words would your family use to describe you?
DD: I don’t know if I can say some of those words. We were kind of the classic family growing up where my parents were hard on my brother and sister because they were the oldest and I came along and kind of got away with whatever I wanted. I’m kind of the young, stupid one who gets away with everything. Like the mouthy one who wants to cause trouble but gets away with it.
RB: Haha, that’s like my younger brother!

5. RB: What is your family like?
DD: Parents are in England. My dad is half American, half English, and lived in America for most of his life but then moved to England because he liked it better and thought it was a safer country to be in. So it was a bit of a weird dynamic because I grew up in a very American family but based in England so I grew up playing basketball, American football, and ice hockey. It would take us almost three hours to drive to one of the only ice hockey rinks in England.
RB: Hilarious! That’s commitment.

6. RB: What were your career aspirations when you were a kid?
DD: I always wanted to be a famous dog wrestler.
RB: Is that a real profession?
DD: I would walk up to people on the street I lived on and be like, “Can I wrestle your dog?”
RB: In a nice way though right?
DD: Hahaha yeah! I just wanted to play with the dogs and wished it was a legit career.
RB: So, you’re a dog person?
DD: Haha, yeah. I love big Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Otherwise, I wanted to go into Advertising because I watched ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ with Matthew McConaughey and he had this amazing office with sports memorabilia and was trying to win a diamond account and went out for drinks with clients and I was like, “That looks incredible. I want to do that!” Once I graduated from Uni I realized it wasn’t like that whatsoever.
RB: Haha, you should have done some job shadowing first!

7. RB: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
DD: Proper mongrel. Dad’s American from Italian immigrants – basically gypsies who immigrated to America hundreds of years ago. My mother’s side is Indian-Persian and English. So I’m half English, a quarter Italian-American, a quarter Indian-Persian.
RB: You need a pie chart to keep up with that!

8. RB: What made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
DD: I’d been out of the industry for a while as the VISAs in Australia only allowed me to work up to six months at a time for anyone employer so it didn’t make sense to work in the industry over there. I was applying all over Edmonton because Canadian VISAs allow me to stay for two years. Hopefully permanent residency is in the future so I can build those relationships with clients now. Bluetrain being based in Sherwood Park is a great location since I live in Ardrossan plus digital marketing is what I worked in back in England so it was a good fit.

9. RB: Do you have your own personal blog?
DD: I don’t but I wish I did. I planned to blog while travelling in Australia but things move so quickly and I just kept forgetting to do it. Instagram is my go-to for tracking memories while travelling.
RB: Nice!

10. RB: What do you think about the world of digital marketing?
DD: I learned so much in the first few days I’ve been here and it’s crazy to see how things have changed since I left England in 2016 so to come out of a digital agency there and come here and see how things have changed in 2 years it’s been insane!
RB: No doubt, this industry is like that!

11. RB: What do you take away from your past work experience that you’ll apply to your current position at Bluetrain?
DD: The fact that I graduated as an Art Director on the creative side is what I will bring to the table. I went along to a lot of pitches to companies and could change the ideas around quite a bit if the client wasn’t loving the pitch off the bat. I bring some creative experience to the table, so working as an Account Manager I’ll be able to speak to both sides with clients.
RB: It’s definitely beneficial to understand both sides. That can minimize miscommunications and people butting heads.

12. RB: Favourite food?
DD: I’m a sucker for anything Mexican! I love visiting my sister in LA because they have such a presence there. She’ll take me to the proper back alley restaurants and they’re delicious!
RB: You need to try Tres Carnales downtown then! They have some pretty good tacos there. They might actually be the best in Edmonton.

13. RB: Mushrooms or olives, which would you pick?
DD: Olives. Mushrooms weird me out. Especially portobellos!

14. RB: What do you do for fun?
DD: Here, I’m still getting used to the area but when I was in Australia I loved exploring the outdoors so I’m excited to go to Banff and Jasper.
RB: Be sure to go to Nordegg and Drumheller too!
DD: Yes for sure! I really just like trying new things and jumping online and finding the more unique and interesting things to do in the area. I also really enjoy Escape Rooms!

15. RB: What is your guilty pleasure?
DD: RomComs!
RB: Bahaha, I could have guessed that since you referenced How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days! Does your girlfriend love them too?
DD: Yes she does. My friend from back home and I watch Love Actually around Christmas time every year.
RB: Cute!

16. RB: Favourite book or movie?
DD: Because I studied Media Studies in school I like films that you can dissect, like Shawshank Redemption, or ones that make you think, like Inception.
RB: Oh, I love that one! Have you watched Looper or Interstellar?
DD: Yes! Films like that I love. Also anything Quentin Tarantino, like Reservoir Dogs – that’s one of my all-time favourites.
RB: Nice.

17. RB: Do you curl?
DD: I’ve never curled. But I’m looking forward to it!
RB: Okay great, so we’ll count you in for the Funspiel in February!

18. RB: Tea or Coffee?
DD: Coffee. Which is weird coming from a British man, but I love it!

19. RB: Cupcakes or cookies?
DD: Cupcakes.

20. RB: Speaking of cupcakes – when is your birthday?
DD: October 23.
RB: Right around Halloween! Do you guys do Halloween in England?
DD: Yes but it has kind of died out a bit now though. It is definitely not on the same level as Canada and America.
RB: Sad. Halloween is the best holiday! You’ll have to do it up big now that you’re in Canada.

21. RB: Do you have any bucket-list items or aspirations that you’d like to share?
DD: I’ve never been to the Philippines and that’s the one place I’ve wanted to go for a long time.
RB: Very nice!

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