Bibin joins the Bluetrain team from, well, all over. This guy really does give a new meaning to “citizen of the world”. We are happy to have him on board! Get to know this adventurous marketer in our latest 21 Questions below.

R: Where did you grow up?
B: I was born in the United Arab Emirates. When I was 11 years old my family moved to Edmonton so Edmonton is where I grew up and went to post-secondary. Then when I was 24, I moved to Toronto for a year and have been travelling all over the world now since August 2018.
R: Wow! You’ve been gone over a year now!
B: Yup, so far so good.

R: What did you like most about growing up in the United Arab Emirates?
B: Family. I had a lot of extended family from India move to the UAE. I had a lot of cousins in UAE. It was also close for my immediate family to go to India because at that time my grandparents and some of my cousins were still in India so it was easy for us to fly down there. And the weather! Moving to Canada I went from 50+ to -50 so that was a bit of a change. Mostly it was family though and the overall lifestyle of Dubai being central to it all, you can experience the world in one city.
R: That’s a huge statement.
B: You can though! If you want to snowboard or skate or do anything you can do it in Dubai. It’s not ideal though. It’s all fake.
R: Haha!

R: Any siblings?
B: I have two siblings. I have one older sister and one younger sister.
R: So you’re the only boy!
B: The middle child.
R: We all know what they say…
B: They’re the best ones!
R: Bahaha, of course.

R: What words would your family use to describe you?
B: Just a mess. That’s the best summary I can give you.
R: Hah!
B: Besides that, they’d say I’m always smiling, always cheerful, and just an easy-going guy.
R: Those are good qualities!

R: What is your family like?
B: I’d say we’re a mix of the Western world and India combined together because my parents still hold on to some of the traditional values but being in the UAE and Canada, we’re a mix of everything really. I guess you could say we’re a traditional Indian family with newer ideas and welcoming new changes. That’s mostly my parents and my older sister though. My younger sister and I are totally different! A little less traditional.
R: More the black sheep.
B: Yeah for sure!

R: What were your career aspirations when you were a kid?
B: I wanted to be a doctor. More specifically a Cardiologist for some reason. But then I watched a few war movies and wanted to be a soldier. But then switched again and wanted to be a businessman. My cousin I looked up to was in marketing. I loved his lifestyle! His job had taken him all over the world. So that is what drove me to marketing and I fell in love with the program in school so I felt like I truly found my calling.
R: Aww, so you knew what you wanted to do at a young age, and actually followed through. That’s cool!

R: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
B: We’re Indian for sure but both my parents are from a state called Kerala so we are South Indians. We follow a lot of traditions from the south and even when we were in UAE and Canada there were lots of communities for people of certain states that held events. My parents would take us there so we could stay in touch with our heritage and the language. My siblings and I all speak the language. I can understand it pretty well but I can’t write it. But my parents wanted to make sure that when we go back it would be easy for us to converse with family and people in the city when we go back. We would eat food from all over the world but my parents would also cook Indian food and take us to Indian restaurants, we would watch Indian movies. So we were pretty close to the South Indian culture.

R: What made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
B: I didn’t.
R: Haha!
B: Bryan reached out to me. Essentially a mutual contact I used to work with referred me. I wanted to travel but not lose touch with the marketing world. I really do love what I do and was really missing working so it worked out really well!
R: That’s great!

R: Do you have your own personal blog?
B: I do! But I’ve been pretty lazy with it – haven’t updated it since May.
R: Haha! That’s okay. It’s a travel blog?
B: Yes, travel stories.

R: What do you think about the world of digital marketing?
B: That’s a loaded question, Roxanne!
R: Haha I know!
B: I really do love it! It’s the future for sure. It was really confusing when I came out of school. I knew a lot about the traditional world. I knew of the digital world but it was not as big of a focus in school. My first job was in digital marketing and actually learning it you understand how much better it is – you have more control and can make strategies based on data and can measure success instead of just throwing out money hoping to get someone. You actually have a valid strategy and you’re utilizing it to get to the right people so I do like digital marketing a lot.
R: Mm hmm! ROI!
B: Exactly!

R: What do you take away from your past work experience that you’ll apply to your current position at Bluetrain?
B: This is tough being remote but communication and teamwork! At Strathcom it was great being surrounded by people but I got into the remote working style easily by moving to Toronto and working remote from there. Strathcom didn’t have an office there so it was just me. Second, the experience I have with Google Ads and Facebook.
R: You did that at Strathcom?
B: Correct!

R: Favourite food?
B: Pizza for sure!
R: Always a safe bet!
B: You can never go wrong with pizza.
R: Haha, that’s true. You’re like a ninja turtle!
B: Like Michael Angelo!

R: Mushrooms or olives, which would you pick?
B: That’s a tough question. I love them both! But if I was on my deathbed and had to pick I’d go with mushrooms.
R: Bahaha!
B: If I’m dying I’m dying with the mushrooms.
R: That’s a good way to go out I guess.
B: Some caramelized mushrooms right? You can’t go wrong with that!
R: Ooh, I’m hungry now!

R: What do you do for fun?
B: Other than travel?
R: Haha exactly!
B: I play lots of sports. Basketball is #1. I used to play volleyball but still do a lot of pick up games for basketball. Then all the cliche stuff: movies, TV shows, music.

R: What do you do to relax? If that’s even something you do 😉
B: Haha! That’s a good question. Yeah, I’ll go with movies. If I’m by myself I’ll just binge watch TV shows and movies. I like hanging out with people and catching up over drinks too. And going for runs! That’s relaxing for me.
R: Got your running shoes with you?
B: Always, even though I barely go.
R: Haha! It’s nice to know you have the option…
B: Haha, exactly!

R: What is your guilty pleasure?
B: Food-wise, chocolate! Every city I go to I’ll always go into a store and just buy chocolate. And for lifestyle-wise, movies, watching movies a lot!

R: Favourite book or movie or both?
B: Book, let’s go with Harry Potter because that’s the last time I read something.
*Both laugh*
B: As for movies it’s hard to pick because there is so much out there. I could give you a genre… I would say comedy and action.
R: Sounds like you have lots of options…
B: Plus I watch so many in different languages. But for a recent favourite movie, I’d have to say, The Avengers.

R: Summer or winter? Actually, I’ll change this questions for you… Mountains or beaches?
B: Noooo don’t do that!! I have to pick Mountains cause I’m from Alberta but I do love beaches too… That was tough. My ideal city is Vancouver where you can have both. But regarding the seasons I would pick Fall for sure!
R: Good call. Fall is lovely.
B: I’m basic!
R: Get those pumpkin spice lattes!
B: Haha exactly.

R: Tea or coffee?
B: Coffee! I love my caffeine!
R: Haha so you’re like most people in the Bluetrain office…

R: When is your birthday?
B: January 25

R: Do you have any bucket-list items or aspirations that you would be willing to share with us?
B: Go on more crazy adventures and attend more festivals. I would like to do an individual skydive, go to Coachella and Tomorrowland, work in a different country, act in a Bollywood and Hollywood movie (being an extra counts) and own a business. I want to travel for at least one more year and then come back home to open a cafe (because I LOVE MY COFFEE). Also, want to see how far I can take my marketing skills and where I can end up in that area.
R: Amazing! I’ll watch for you on the big screen 😉

Thanks, Bibin! That was great fun.
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