I got a chance to sit down with Bluetrain’s newest Digital Marketing Specialist, Jon Boshoff, to learn a little bit more about his background and what he brings to the table.

1. RB: Where did you grow up?
JB: All over the place! I was born in South Africa and lived in Australia, Fiji, Calgary, Boston, Indiana, Ponteix, Swift Current, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, and now Sherwood Park.

2. RB: Did you have a favourite place?
JB: Definitely Fiji. It’s the best because the water is crystal clear, no pollution, everyone is happy, and there are giant purple starfish.
RB: Would you go back?
JB: Definitely!

3. RB: Any siblings?
JB: I have two brothers and two sisters, and I’m the youngest of all of them.
RB: Did you get away with a lot?
JB: I’m assuming I did because I don’t remember getting in trouble for a lot.
RB: The youngest ones always get it the easiest!

4. RB: What words would your family use to describe you?
JB: Probably that I’m a goofy guy. I was the clown of the family and the class clown in school.

5. RB: What is your family like?
JB: They’re dispersed all over the world. My family in Africa I’ve never really met. My sister has a big farm in Ponteix with lots of animals – it’s basically turning into a petting zoo now so I’d like to get my kids down there. My mom has an Afrikaans accent and is very opinionated – but in a good way.

6. RB: What were your career aspirations when you were a kid?
JB: I don’t think I thought about it when I was a kid. I didn’t care. I was too busy being a kid.
RB: That’s awesome!

7. RB: How would you describe your family’s heritage?
JB: Complicated. It’s kind of interesting actually, in South Africa there are two different types of settlers – Dutch and English – and they have conflicting views on everything. My Mom and Dad were on opposite sides so it was kind of controversial.

8. RB: What made you decide to apply to Bluetrain?
JB: I’ve wanted to work here for a while.
RB: Yeah? You had your eye on us?
JB: Ever since I moved to Edmonton I scoped out all of the agencies and tried to figure out which one would be best and Bluetrain is one of the only ones that are strictly digital marketing so that was right up my alley. When I saw there was a job opening I was busy freelancing so I figured I may as well apply – now here I am!
RB: Good timing!

9. RB: Do you have your own personal blog?
JB: Not yet but one day yes!
RB: What would it be about?
JB: Digital marketing.

10. RB: What do you think about the world of digital marketing?
JB: It’s very fast-paced. It is always changing, and I think it’s still surprisingly underappreciated in the grand scheme of things in today’s business world. We’re in an age now where businesses have seen this shift where their customers are now “disappearing” and most businesses are blaming economic changes, when in reality what I think is happening is that their customers shifted to doing most of their research online and a lot of businesses are still not able to communicate effectively with them online yet because their digital marketing isn’t properly set up.

11. RB: What are you taking away from your past work experience that you’ll apply to your current position at Bluetrain?
JB: Freelancing taught me a lot about working with clients, meeting deadlines and being a good communicator. That was 90% of it. The other 10% is sales experience, understanding what people want and what they’re trying to say comes in handy in a world with so much complicated terminology.

12. RB: Favourite food?
JB: Chicken wings!
RB: What flavour?
JB: Buffalo!
RB: With the dip?
JB: Blue ranch, if it’s available.
RB: Good call! Do you have a favourite restaurant for these?
JB: I make my own.
RB: Very nice!

13. RB: We have much debate over this next question – mushrooms or olives, which would you pick?
JB: Mushrooms.

14. RB: What do you do for fun?
JB: I hang out with my children. I play video games that are a total waste of time. I play the guitar. I go for walks. I try to explore Edmonton since I’m still new to the city.
RB: Have you been to some of our festivals yet?
JB: Not yet! It’s been work work work since I moved here.
RB: You’ll get there!

15. RB: What is your guilty pleasure?
JB: Time wasting video games like Clash Royale, its simple fun and I usually win!
RB: It’s fun when you’re good at something.

16. RB: Favourite book or movie?
JB: I really like the Wolf of Wallstreet and Inception. I like Leonardo DiCaprio.
RB: Inception is such a good movie!

17. RB: Do you curl?
JB: I’ve tried before but I don’t officially curl.
RB: We participate in a curling funspiel every year.
JB:  We used to curl in gym class when I lived in Ponteix.
RB: So you have some experience?
JB: Yeah, I do have curling experience.
RB: Perfect! You should have put that on your resume. Haha!

18. RB: Summer or winter?
JB: Summer!

19. RB: Tea or Coffee?
JB: Coffee!

20. RB: Another important question – cupcakes or cookies?
JB: Cookies all the way! Cupcakes are overrated.
RB: Agreed! Cookies are awesome too cause you can dunk them in your coffee!

21. RB: Speaking of cupcakes or cookies – when is your birthday?
JB: August 11.

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