Imagine you’re driving to work one morning and as you look over at the car next to you, you notice the driver is fast asleep at the wheel. Immediately you are thrown into a state of panic because the car is still going 60 km/hr and you’re both approaching a traffic stop where several cars are waiting for the light to change. You begin honking your horn like a maniac and sweating profusely like Sarah Palin on “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.” Just when you think the other car is going to crash and cause a massive multi-car pile up; you notice the car magically decelerate and stop perfectly behind the car in front of it. Meanwhile, the seemingly comatose driver twitches awake wiping saliva from her mouth.

This ludicrous scenario may not be too far off as Google puts the finishing touches on their driverless car; a car they say is actually safer than a car driven by a professional driver. The Telegraph covered the story yesterday.

In 10 years, will we all be in our backseats sleeping or eating or reading as our Google car drives us to our destination? What happens when the technology fails? What do you think about Google’s latest project?

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