Client:ETAP Canada
Date:June 06, 2012

ETAP Canada

ETAP Canada is an engineering software company that develops software solutions for the analysis, design and control of industrial power systems. From their head office, located in Sherwood Park, ETAP delivers their world class software solutions to engineers across Canada.

In 2008, when ETAP first approached Bluetrain, the company was relying primarily on email flyers, print advertisements and word of mouth to promote the business. ETAP was also suffering from low traffic, attracting relatively few online visitors per month. However, ETAP was confident in their software, and knew that their solutions performed at a higher level than the competing products they were currently appearing below in search engine results.

In order to effectively demonstrate the company’s superior product offerings online, ETAP set to work with Bluetrain to not only raise ETAP’s position in Google search results, but also to drive more traffic to

In order to help ETAP achieve their goals, Bluetrain designed an online marketing strategy that included both SEO recommendations and online display ads. Including both SEO and PPC meant Bluetrain could drive new traffic to the website in the short term while also improving ETAP’s position in search engine rankings over time. Bluetrain also expanded the number of conversion opportunities on the website to ensure site visitors were taking actions such as contacting ETAP, downloading demonstrations or requesting more information.

After only one year of working with Bluetrain, ETAP’s site traffic and conversion potential improved significantly. In one month alone ETAP’s website attracted 778% more visitors than they were realizing just one year prior.  The website was also successfully encouraging visitors to take action, with one report showing the website to have converted 630 visitors in a single month, a giant leap from the one visitor they converted the month the program began!

“SEO has become a core component of sales & marketing for the ETAP group of companies. Our success in this process is due to Bluetrain’s deep understanding of website optimization for SEO, and their ability to continually monitor, update, and refine our site to stay on top of the market.”
Darcy Braun, Manager, ETAP Canada

“As an affiliate of an international company, ETAP Canada presents a challenge to any online marketer. However, their level of engagement and responsiveness to Bluetrain’s recommendations have helped them achieve online marketing success in Canada.”
Gary Nugent, Account Director, Bluetrain Inc.