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Client Overview

Her long time passion for chocolate and fashion were two of the driving forces behind Jacqueline Jacek’s decision to become a master chocolatier. Launching in December 2009, Jacqueline's stunning chocolates and hard work propelled her home-based business into what is now a thriving commercial chocolate boutique in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Canmore. Jacqueline's goal to “spread joy through chocolate” is evident in each piece of her delicious and beautifully hand-crafted confections.

The success of Jacqueline and JACEK has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, JACEK was named one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America and in 2016, JACEK was recognized as the #1 Chocolatier in Avenue Magazine’s ‘Top Restaurants’ Edition, to name a few accolades.

The Challenge

In early 2016, Jacqueline approached us for help with three campaigns she had in mind for the coming holidays: Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

Her aim was to promote the chocolate studio and offer customers unique chocolate gifts for loved ones over the spring holidays.

 Our Solution

Given the chocolate’s high visual appeal, we proposed an online advertising plan that included Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as Google AdWords. We were able to analyze the performance for both the Valentine’s Day and Easter campaigns and made recommendations based on our results. For Mother’s Day, we focused our attention and budget on Facebook ads, as they proved to be most successful.

To make the Mother’s Day Collection extra special, Jacqueline partnered with talented local artist, Giselle Denis, to hand-paint the chocolate molds so each and every piece would be unique.

It was essential that the advertising plan we designed showcased the exquisite chocolate they spent hours crafting.

I have worked with Bluetrain on a few online campaigns and it was very easy to see the return on investment. They really understand the online space, and I was super impressed with the professionalism of their team members. They really took the time to understand (and clarify!) my goals, and they also took the time to educate me in a space that I have very little experience in. I highly recommend them to companies who want to drive their online sales and presence.

Jacqueline Jacek, Owner, JACEK Chocolate

Jacqueline Jacek
Owner, JACEK Chocolate

So, how did we do it?

We began by creating Google AdWords and Facebook advertising campaigns. The AdWords campaign focused on search advertising and remarketing. Throughout the three campaigns, we reviewed and tweaked the ads to ensure we were engaging with our target demographic. Each advertisement was tailored to feature the speciality holiday chocolate with a focus on creating visual appeal for potential consumers. Our advertising plan, combined with Jacqueline’s talent, resulted in sold-out products and events.

For each campaign, we were able to build a large remarketing list. We used the remarketing information for targeting advertisements to specific members. Through this process, we collected the necessary information to ensure the ads we created for each campaign appealed to our target audience.

We developed an ad set targeting men and women over the age of eighteen in the Edmonton area. Within only a few days, we found that women over twenty were most frequently engaging with the ads—a surprising find as we had anticipated men would be our target audience. This discovery led us to turn off the broad set ads and alter them to target women over twenty instead. We also experimented with Instagram ads targeted towards women in the Edmonton area.

Using Ecommerce analytics, we observed the checkout behaviour of users and found potential customers were not completing the checkout process. We had a developer add the Stripe Checkout plugin to improve the process.

After installing Stripe, we doubled the number of successful transactions by users who started the checkout process.


people added to remarketing lists


number of online transactions


Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Our Impact

Thanks to Bluetrain’s Facebook campaign and Google AdWords, the three-holiday campaigns produced excellent results. Alongside the holiday products, Bluetrain also promoted chocolate tasting events that were hugely successful, and we generated 18 tasting registrations from Facebook alone.

We had great success in improving the checkout process by adding the Stripe plugin. The plugin addition doubled the number of successful transactions—something both the client and our team is proud of.

Thanks to Bluetrain’s Facebook campaign and Google AdWords, the three-holiday campaigns generated great results.

The Long Game

Throughout the three campaigns, we gathered new insights and built off each campaign to improve advertising and results.

Overall, the campaigns were highly successful—resulting in conversions, purchases, and an improved checkout process. We drove traffic to the website, and even had to turn ads off during Mother’s Day and Easter as the products sold out and events filled up. This advertising results also paved the way for Bluetrain to work on an overarching Digital Marketing Strategy for Jacek to ensure continued online success.

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