A Bit More

Terri is one half of our BC-based digital team.

She likes to say that her path to digital marketing was the result of a ‘series of unlikely events’. Having completed her degree in Economics with a minor in Creative Writing, Terri came out of university as a self-proclaimed “educational mutt”, unsure of how her passions for data and creativity would ever culminate into a career. That was until a “slightly too creative cover letter” to the advocacy team at Amnesty International resulted in her becoming the organization’s Digital Communications Intern. Through that bizarre twist of fate, she landed squarely in an industry that was as nerdy and weird as she (and her degree) were.

Since then, Terri has worked in non-profits and tech startups, and been involved in managing analytics, content creation, SEO, brand, and acquisition strategy. She believes that any great strategy comes from both the left and right brain and prides herself on balancing both in her role as Digital Marketing Strategist at Bluetrain.

Outside of work, Terri loves travelling, true-crime, and alliterating her hobbies with her name (apparently).