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Our Digital Marketing Strategy Services

The Discovery

During the discovery process, we take the opportunity to learn about your business (and what sets you apart from the competition) as well as your customers (and your unique relationship with them). We also ask a number of focused questions to find out about what goals are important to you and the areas of business that you would like to see improvement in.

Persona Design

Once the discovery process is complete, we move on to user persona design. This process involves gathering as much data and insight as we can about your customers and distilling that information down into fictionalized characters, each meant to represent one segment of your customer group. Once complete, user personas can be shared with teams company-wide as they are powerful communication tools and allow people to quickly visualize customer segments and comprehend unique needs and how they can help these people.

Content Audit

After the persona design, our next step is to conduct a content audit. A content audit is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy; and is a qualitative analysis of all online content (website, network of sites, and social media platforms). Throughout the content audit, we look through and catalogue all of your company’s content and assess its strengths and weaknesses. We examine what is working best and what content is engaging your target audience most effectively. We then use this information to inform and create recommendations for both existing and future marketing content.

The Strategy Build

Once we mutually have an understanding of your goals, your audience, and your existing assets, we proceed with creating a customized marketing strategy. The first component is the organic content strategy that will drive both adjustments to static website content and the plan for ongoing content marketing, often incorporating blog posts and social media. Second, the promotional strategy is created to address how paid digital channels will be utilized to amplify content and drive buyer intent activity, often a mix of digital advertising mediums. Lastly, we ensure the comprehensive strategy is distilled into a clear marketing calendar and budget for your team and ours to follow for the next several months.

Strategy Execution

Strategy execution completes the digital strategy process. Without a carefully planned execution, a digital strategy can’t be implemented effectively. Throughout the strategy execution, we inform the organization, monitor the process, test and adapt. We want to ensure you understand how and why the strategy is important; therefore, we are committed to continuous and open communication with each and every client. We will coordinate all aspects of the strategy and ensure your company is supported throughout the entire process, which is why execution is a crucial, final aspect of the digital strategy.

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Thanks to Bluetrain, we at UNICEF Canada are confident that our online advertising strategy is being handled effectively and efficiently – supporting our goal to increase our funds to help the most vulnerable children in the hardest to reach places. Their timely execution of campaigns has been invaluable especially during international emergencies – when raising funds quickly to get supplies into the field is critical. Bluetrain has not only proven to be a results-driven manager of our online advertising but has become a true partner that sincerely cares about our organization and has surpassed our expectations with their ongoing support since 2010. We look forward to continuing our partnership and our mutual drive to raise more funds to save children’s lives around the world.

Cassandra Koenen, Director of Digital Strategy (2010-12), UNICEF Canada

Cassandra Koenen
Director of Digital Strategy (2010-12), UNICEF Canada

A goal without a plan is just a wish

We understand the importance of having a well thought out digital marketing plan. That's why we stay on top of the changing technologies and trends that assist our clients with their online success.



Bluetrain's Digital Marketing Strategy includes 2-4 personas; however, this can vary from client to client. If we determine that more personas are needed during the Discovery, we work with the client to ensure additional personas are created within budget.

A Content Strategy covers all things pertaining to content. This ends up being a much smaller document compared to a Digital Marketing Strategy which is a larger, more comprehensive document that covers things like SEO, UX, social media, and of course, content.

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