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We are an SEO Agency that has years of experience helping local businesses achieve results with their organic traffic.

Increase the online visibility of your brand by making your site easier to find for both people AND search engines. Stay ahead of your competition and ensure your website ranks high in search results with our proven SEO approach.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the ongoing process of ensuring your website is easy to find in organic search results (ie. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). 

There are many technical elements (hundreds actually), but at its core, SEO is simply good marketing applied online. A strong SEO strategy focuses on building a technically sound user-friendly website, writing quality content, and effectively engaging with your audience online.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO has become more complex as Google and other search engines update their algorithms. The days of quick-fix tricks like keyword stuffing meta tags are over.

Competition is steep for those coveted top spots on search engine result pages. SEO is no longer a ‘nice to have’—it’s a necessity. Success comes to those who view SEO as part of their ongoing marketing strategy and not just a one-time project.

Not only does SEO directly impact how much traffic you receive from Google, but it also influences your Google Ads performance. When Google’s Ad Algorithm has to decide whose ad is shown when two competitors have the same budget, the search engine will give preference to the competitor whose website performs better organically.

While many businesses spend a large amount of their budget on social media promotion, the vast majority of website traffic actually comes from organic search engine results. To overlook SEO simply puts you at risk of competitors taking up the search engine real estate you want. Overall, SEO boosts the value of your digital marketing strategy by making it easier for customers to find your business online.

Our SEO Services

Bluetrain offers a wide range of SEO services in Edmonton and beyond. We help our clients through every phase of the SEO process which often includes: 

  • a website audit
  • keyword research
  • content creation and on-page optimization
  • customized SEO strategies
  • monthly reporting
  • ongoing management

We also offer SEO consulting to clients in the process of redesigning or developing a new website. Ongoing management tactics are based on a combination of baseline health checks and custom strategies for continual improvement.

Our SEO packages are completely customizable based on your company’s needs and budget. This can range from a one-time SEO Audit to an on-going relationship that includes full SEO management. 

Search Engine Optimization in Alberta & BC

Local Search is so important for any business that depends on foot traffic. Local pack search rankings influence where your results appear on searches from your mobile form and Google Map searches. Our SEO clients frequently rank in the top 5 Edmonton Search Engine Results.

Learn more about each section of our SEO services below:

SEO Audit

We prefer to begin our SEO relationship with a full SEO audit. This involves a thorough site “health check” from a technical perspective where we identify barriers that exist on and off-site. It provides a clear baseline understanding of where to start improving your site’s technical foundations, content, and online presence.

We then provide comprehensive findings and recommendations so you know exactly how you can improve your website and search presence. This SEO strategy can be carried out by your internal marketing team, or through Bluetrain’s on-going services. Either way, it is the perfect overview that provides clear direction on what needs to be done for online, organic success.

Learn more about our SEO Audit Services >>

Content Strategy & Optimization

Quality content is essential to search engine success. After all, content is the reason search began in the first place… If your website doesn’t include valuable information that answers client questions, you’ll never show up in the search results!

We begin the process with keyword research so our content strategy can be driven by data. This information tells us what people are searching for and helps identify any gaps between you and your target audience. The content strategy is a vital piece of any digital marketing strategy. This is where we audit your online presence, identify communication opportunities, and provide actionable tactics to connect you with your audience.

From there, we work with our experienced copywriters to create your web content. This ensures your company’s voice, key messages, products and services, and call to actions are clearly communicated on your site. 

Our content strategies can include a refresh of existing pages and the creation of new ones. In addition, blogs, case studies, and/or whitepapers may be added for ongoing content marketing. This type of quality content helps build web authority and drive traffic, engagement, and leads. 

The final step is content optimization. This is where our SEO specialists implement best practice tactics to ensure your web content is visible to search engines. Content optimization ensures your site is shown to relevant audiences when they search for terms relating to your business. 

Website Development Consultation

Website development or redevelopment and SEO go hand-in-hand. The sooner the two are connected, the more optimal and streamlined the process can be. It is important to consider design, user experience, search engine optimization, and more when creating a website. Proper planning and consideration beforehand makes for a successful launch with less back-tracking and clean up afterwards.  

We partner with top web developers to help our clients build websites that are beautiful, search-friendly, and perform. Before launch, our SEO experts review sitemaps, wireframes, design mockups, and development sites. This review allows us to provide data-driven recommendations so your site can perform its best in search results. Lastly, we perform a post-launch check to ensure everything is running smoothly after the site launch. 

As our founder often says: “Why plan a party and not send out any invites?” – We make sure your website investment is worthwhile.

Monthly Reporting

Using multiple Web Analytics tools, we track the organic search performance of your website and report to you on a monthly basis, giving you the information you need to make even better marketing decisions. Most importantly, we go beyond simply assessing where you rank in the search engines, we focus on the results generated by organic search users. 

Want to know if SEO efforts are actually working for your company’s website? We use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tools to assess key performance indicators and understand how your website performs. More importantly, we evaluate organic traffic behaviour to see if users take the actions you want them to on your site. Results are then captured in reports and communicated to you by a dedicated account manager during a monthly meeting.

Ongoing SEO Management

Ongoing SEO management means our SEO experts are constantly monitoring your site’s health and ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest developments in search. Your Account Manager will meet with you monthly to review our detailed recommendations to drive continual SEO improvement.

Get started with our SEO services

Bluetrain provides Gienow Renovations with call tracking, remarketing and SEO services and I couldn’t be happier with them! Our website has improved and we’ve really increased our online presence! 

Daniela Bruch, Marketing Communication Specialist, Gienow Renovations

Daniela Bruch
Marketing Communication Specialist, Gienow Renovations

SEO Audits

Is your website friendly to users AND search engines? We take a deep dive into your site's performance with our in-depth SEO Audits.



The short answer is yes, it absolutely does. We’ve seen some clients increase their traffic exponentially after implementing an SEO strategy. SEO success, however, depends on where you're starting from and your market.

We can help you be the hero that creates the kind of return on investment for your company that matters. But, every so often we hear the dreaded phrase, “I’ve tried SEO before and it didn’t work”. If you are in that position, please get in touch. Chances are, your SEO campaign was not implemented properly (ie. was a project instead of a marketing approach) but still has the potential to generate the results you want.

As artificial intelligence (machine learning) plays an even bigger role in search engines, websites that demonstrate proper SEO are rewarded with enhanced placement in search results.

Machine learning and structured data markup are two trends our SEO experts are keeping an eye on here at Bluetrain. Generally, search engines are moving towards answering more user queries directly in the search results or through voice (ie. Google Home) so thinking about how that impacts your industry is essential moving forward.

From the beginning, great content and quality inbound links/citations have been important for SEO and search positioning. Understanding which keywords/topics people are using to find your business and answering the buyer intent are other important ranking factors. As is a mobile-friendly website that has a responsive web design, AMP, and fast load speed.

Of course, these are just a few of the hundred algorithm factors that are always evolving. That’s why the best approach to SEO is a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy.

This depends on the scope of the services your company needs. As marketers ourselves, we have a lot of respect for our clients! We’ll work with you to create a custom SEO strategy that fits your business goals, website size, and budget.

Successful SEO is a long-term commitment. The partnerships that develop over months and years are some of the reasons we love this industry so much! Since SEO is an ongoing process, we encourage you to look at an annual budget. For most clients, the average is between $25K-50K+ per year.

Although we are SEO geeks, it’s our communication style and professional account management that set us apart from other SEO companies. We speak in plain English and come from a business and marketing background, likely just like you. We take the time to make sure you understand exactly how we’re improving your site so you can share the results with confidence (and look like a total marketing genius)!

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