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Our Web Analytics Services

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsWe use Google Analytics, the industry standard tool for web analytics, to track and report on everything you need about your website’s performance and the success of your marketing campaigns. Our analytics experts will do a comprehensive setup based on our discovery meeting with your team to ensure all key metrics and goals are tracked effectively. Our team has experience from standard business websites to enterprise-level public organizations, read our analytics case studies to learn more.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag ManagerWe use Google Tag Manager as our medium to efficiently implement Google Analytics on your website (or web app) and to accurately track website events, such as form submissions, downloads, video views, call-to-action buttons, and much more. Our web analytics specialists will prepare a measurement framework to ensure all items you want to track are captured and named in reporting with a language your team will understand.

Website Development Consultation

When you decide to undertake the development of a new website, our analytics experts will be involved from start to finish to ensure the implementation of web analytics on your new site is completed prior to launch. More importantly, we will take the time to ensure any pre-existing conversion tracking is sustained and not broken with the new website.

Custom Dashboards

To make your web analytics easier to keep track of, we create a custom dashboard where you can find up-to-the-minute data on all of your most important web analytics metrics. Our digital strategists will provide you with a monthly analytics walk-through in-person or via phone — allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts to get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Looking for a data-driven analytics partner to measure your results?

Bluetrain provided an outstanding level of service from the discovery phase through training and was instrumental in gathering requirements from different groups of stakeholders—with varying levels of analytics understanding—and translating those requirements into useful, insightful dashboards. Bluetrain also performed technical upgrades and implemented Google Tag Manager for our public website. Throughout the process, Bluetrain was very responsive, organized and diligent.

Employee, Digital Media Specialist, Alberta Municipality

Digital Media Specialist, Alberta Municipality

The bottom line

We partner with our clients to help them grow their web traffic and conversion rates on an ongoing basis, leading to long-term results and continuous business growth.

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Web analytics provides in-depth information on your website and its visitors – information such as how many visits your site gets, how long people stay on your website, where those people came from, what they click on, what actions they take and so on. When measuring analytics, many marketers focus on basic metrics like sessions and pageviews, but did you know that you can actually learn when a user completes a specific goal on your website and their full path from start to finish?

A web analytics audit assesses the accuracy, clarity, and utility of your existing web analytics. So for example, if you’ve already been using Google Analytics for a while, but you feel that the data you’re retrieving hasn’t helped your marketing efforts, we’ll conduct a web analytics audit to identify any problems you may have with your existing analytics setup and reporting. Through this process, we’ll find and fix any inaccurate reporting systems, and also provide advice on how to change your data collection methods to make the data is easier to understand and more useful for your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are considered the industry standard tools for web analytics. These tools integrate easily with each other, which allows us to gather data from a variety of sources, and present it all to you in one convenient location. Better yet, these two tools are free for non-enterprise level offerings so your only cost is the labour time to communicate and implement.

Because tools like Google Analytics are free for anyone to use, some marketers prefer to manage their own web analytics. The problem with this approach, however, is that it tends to leave people with incomplete data to base their marketing efforts on. The key to good web analytics is not just collecting data, but knowing which data to collect and how to use that data to your advantage. When you use a digital marketing firm like Bluetrain, you’re not just asking someone to collect data for you; you’re using a service that will provide you with exactly the data you need, along with the right insights on how to use that data to improve your marketing efforts. Often our clients appreciate the consistent rhythm to our communication as otherwise they likely would not have reviewed the data themselves.

We can help you track the ROI of your marketing campaigns by properly planning campaign tagging for all assets involved in your campaigns, and roll-up that data into your web analytics reporting. This allows you to easily track metrics such as email conversion rates, social media conversion rates, banner ad results, organic search results, and more.

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