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Our Online Advertising Services

Discover Targeting Opportunities

Our online advertising process starts with a discovery session where we learn about your business, goals, budget and ideal target audience. From here, depending on campaign size, we often create detailed customer personas (as part of a digital strategy) to help refine your advertising focus and zero in on your perfect target audience. These personas also shape campaign messages which make your ads more appealing to the people who see them.

Select Digital Advertising Channels

Our digital media buying mix often combines paid search (through SEM platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads), online display (using banner ads, YouTube video, and other types of display ads), and paid social advertising (through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Depending on your business goals, we’ll help you identify which digital advertising mediums will be the most effective for growing your business online.

Learn more about our Facebook Advertising options and how we can help your business increase lead generation, conversions, and brand awareness with Facebook Advertising.

Build Digital Ad Campaigns

With a clear understanding of your business goals, audience, and ad channels, our advertising experts proceed with the necessary research and campaign setup on all relevant platforms. This often entails keyword research for paid search campaigns, ad copy writing, image selection, and creation of relevant topic landing pages. Our process will involve you throughout to ensure campaign relevancy and accurate ad messaging prior to initiating the digital media buy.

Ad Campaign Management

You give us your budget, timeline, and goals, and we’ll look after all of the details. We track, measure and optimize every element of your campaigns so that you get the best possible results from every ad and your online media buying budget (and you can get back to what you do best). Bluetrain advertising specialists have managed millions of dollars in digital advertising for clients since 2007 and Bluetrain is a certified Premier Google Partner, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

Create Retargeting Lists

Online advertising isn’t just about reaching your audience the first time; it’s also about initiating multiple touchpoints with existing customers and prior website visitors. Retargeting advertising (also known as Remarketing) allows you to continue building that brand awareness with customers and prospects by displaying ads to them across the websites they visit with the eventual goal of bringing them back to your online properties.

Monthly Reporting

We keep you in the loop by sending a monthly dashboard report and walking you through it so you know exactly how your campaigns are performing. We also offer suggestions for ways to improve your online advertising efforts in the future. Prior to your campaigns launching, we’ll ensure you have the necessary web analytics tracking in place to measure the goals that matter.

Looking for a data-driven advertising partner to drive online results?

Bluetrain has been closely working with us on our online advertising strategy for many years. They really understand what Recchiuti represents and the behaviors of our target audience. We love the relationship we have with their team and all the knowledge about day-to-day operations, optimization, and trends they continually bring to the table.

Cara Loffredo, Marketing & eCommerce Manager, Recchiuti Confections

Cara Loffredo
Marketing & eCommerce Manager, Recchiuti Confections

Why work with us?

Our online advertising process is all about working with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by understanding priorities and your target audience.

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The online media mix really depends on your goals, budget and audience. Every online advertising campaign is a little different based on these factors which is why we place so much emphasis on the discovery process. Once we understand your business better, your objectives and target audience we can develop a strong digital advertising strategy customized to fit your business. This may include paid search (PPC), online display, remarketing, or paid social ads and more than likely, all of the above.

That being said, most online advertising strategies involve some combination of different advertising platforms which work together to increase your overall online presence. For example, you may use search ads to attract new website visitors and then use Facebook advertising to remarket content to those website visitors and eventually turn them into customers.

Successful campaigns are usually meticulously managed using both ad platform and web analytics; the more information you have related to ad performance, the more you can optimize your ads to reach a greater number of potential customers using less of your budget. In addition, by closely tracking the performance of your ads, you can compare your results with the average results from your industry across a variety of key performance indicators. If you’re not sure how well your current online advertising efforts are measuring up, we can conduct an online advertising audit to tell you how your ads are doing, and offer advice on ways to improve your online advertising and analytics tracking efforts.

There is no 'direct' relationship between online advertising and raising your site's Google organic search result, but it can be extremely effective at raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your site, two key objectives of any digital marketing strategy. A good comprehensive strategy could include a variety of digital marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, as well as online advertising. Together, these various channels will serve to improve your overall web presence, which in turn will indirectly influence your position in Google’s organic search listings (ex. such as domain authority, more brand search etc).

Mobile smartphones and tablets have hugely impacted how people do business online, and it’s wise for any business to consider how they can use online advertising to reach people across a variety of devices. In order to create an effective multi-device ad campaign, it’s important first of all that your website is also optimized for use on every type of device (ie. mobile responsive). From there, you can start to decide which ads will be most effective for users of different devices, and you can even create mobile-specific versions of certain ads. For example, you could create two different search engine ads for the same landing page based on different search engine terms that people would use on their smartphone versus their desktop computer. Generally, all modern digital advertising platforms will serve ads for all device types, what matters is analyzing how behaviour differs between mobile, tablet, and desktop users.

Keyword research and performance tracking both play an important role in search engine advertising campaigns (SEM). Keyword research can help you determine which keywords and phrases people use when searching for businesses that are similar to yours. After creating a few ads based on those keywords, you can then track the performance of those ads to see how well they perform. This will help you to narrow your focus down to the keywords that work best, and also help you discover new keywords that might yield better results. Ultimately, you want to find keywords and phrases that are not so general that they become oversaturated with competitor ads, but not so specific that they become obscure and irrelevant.

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