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Client Overview

The Chiropractic Association of Alberta is a member-based organization that aims to provide accessible, comprehensive chiropractic care to the people of Alberta. They are dedicated to promoting chiropractic care as an integral part of primary healthcare and actively advocate the essential role chiropractors play to patients, the government, healthcare professionals, and insurers. By emphasizing the integration of chiropractic care into primary healthcare, the Chiropractic Association of Alberta strives to enable world-class care for spinal, muscle, nerve, and joint conditions, expand scope and utilization, and add value to the lives of their patients.

The Challenge

We were contacted by the Chiropractic Association of Alberta to help improve their advocacy efforts through effective paid digital advertising campaigns, with specific focus on their “Why Wait to Feel Better?” campaign. The aim of this campaign was to help people experience the true value of chiropractic care, promoting consistent, preventative treatments.

When dealing with multidisciplinary approaches to healthcare, there is a diverse range of perspectives and opinions, from passionate advocates to deep skeptics. With a large and varied potential audience, one of the primary challenges we were tasked with was identifying an addressable audience given the scope and context and providing engaging messaging to said audience.

Our Solution

We developed a detailed plan to generate awareness through the creation of digital advertising campaigns consisting of Google Display Ads, Meta Ads, and Twitter Ads. Our strategy focused on creating and editing these campaigns to be highly targeted to core topics and audiences, tracking conversions to understand the customer path and their drive to make decisions.

How did we do it?

The Chiropractic Association of Alberta’s website was fairly new, so we started with efforts to increase online visibility and set up analytics to ensure all key metrics and goals were tracked effectively.

To get started with online advertising, we created detailed customer personas, identifying specific target audiences by creating four display campaigns. These audiences were also targeted on social media platforms. We strived to reach a variety of demographics with campaigns catering to males and females from 18 all the way to 65+. The interests we focused on surrounded health and well-being. We targeted sports and fitness fans, from extreme winter sports enthusiasts to personal fitness classes. We also wanted to include people who generally maintain a lifestyle that could benefit from chiropractic care, targeting home and garden do-it-yourselfers and temporary and seasonal employees (like lawn care and snow removal). Because the priority of this campaign was to promote how versatile chiropractic care is, it was important to have a strategy that reflected this.

Why Wait To Feel Better Campaign - Social Campaign Screenshot

We optimized and ran campaigns on Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Twitter Ads, publishing monthly reports to share our findings and recommendations. Since we were working with new campaigns for Display Ads, we started with low budgets to initially focus on adding negative placements. Following that, we increased the budgets and moved forward with implementing Standard Search and more Display Ads.

We reviewed the Keyword Research and implemented some adgroups in a Standard Search campaign to generate an increase in impressions. During the campaign, we received a large influx of website traffic, with most of it coming from paid Google and social media sources.

Why Wait To Feel Better Campaign - Social Campaign Screenshot







Our Impact

Over the course of the campaign, we were successful in informing Albertans about the importance of chiropractic care and delivering cost-effective results from our paid digital advertising campaigns. Achieving the goals we set out to accomplish was important for the Chiropractic Association of Alberta in a few different ways. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Through our Google Ads strategy and implementation, we were able to educate a significant number of Albertans on the work of the association, reaching 15,361,530 users.
  • The Google Ads themselves were extremely effective at captivating the attention of Albertans, and our specific targeting efforts proved successful as we achieved a high click ratio of 36,247.
  • During the organic traffic and SEO campaign, we received a large influx of traffic to the website and directory of:
    • 65,989 users
    • 76,835 sessions
    • 102,629 page views
  • Most importantly, we heard positive feedback from not only the Chiropractic Association of Alberta but also other chiropractors within the province, saying that they were positively impacted by the work that was done.

Bluetrain’s relationship with the Chiropractic Association of Alberta continues thanks to the success of our advertising campaign. We continue to support the organization by providing ongoing SEO work as the association pursues new audiences and continues to grow.

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