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Client Overview

Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit, arm’s length organization that tells the story of the growing refreshed community of Harvest Sky Region, a vibrant Southeastern Alberta ranch country filled with unique advantages and idyllic prairie lifestyle, as well as fostering economic development for the region’s sustainable growth.

The Challenge

While the Harvest Sky Region holds many promises, public awareness of this recently refreshed region was just beginning to dawn with vast opportunities yet to be discovered by the wider public. Therefore, in October 2021, Harvest Sky contracted Bluetrain to bolster the region’s reputation and image digitally across Alberta and beyond, as well as to help set it on the course of achieving its long-term vision in making Harvest Sky Region the destination of choice for investors, visitors and residents.

Our Solution

Recognizing the ambition of Harvest Sky and the true value behind this project in helping this close-knit community grow, Bluetrain’s project team was quick to align itself with the goals set out and began mapping out an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for our valued client. 

We proposed a touching social media campaign that would authentically display the Harvest Sky community as part of our organic social media marketing, and later executed multi-channel digital advertising to further drive awareness and increase valuable local engagement for the client. The foundation of our work centred upon showcasing the unique advantages of the region while emphasizing its alluring prairie lifestyle. 

How Did We Do It?

Approaching this project, we began with a comprehensive analysis of the Harvest Sky Region to deepen our understanding of the clients, as well as to identify the strengths upon which we can build and room for improvement. With our clients’ goals set in mind, we composed a detailed strategy along with a course of action to harvest success.  For social media marketing, we planned and managed our client’s social media campaign. We created organic content that showcased the unique offerings that this region has to offer, focusing on three main content pillars of tourism, business and residents. At the same time, keeping in mind the recent rebranding process that our client had undergone just before the project was initiated, we adopted their updated brand guidelines and integrated them into our plan. Due to the close collaboration between our social media team and our client, we produced many quality-owned contents to raise awareness organically.

Madge Harvest At Harvest Sky Region

After several months of impactful organic social media marketing, it was time to implement paid multi-channel digital marketing campaigns to expand our organic reach. For social media, we executed paid advertising campaigns across all major channels for remarketing purposes to optimize our client’s website traffic and leave lasting impressions among our target audience of a beautiful welcoming community. 

In parallel to our social media effort, we also rolled out Google Ads Search campaigns to drive lead conversion. We conducted thorough keyword research and surveyed the client about their main focus areas for optimal bidding. With tailoring to meet our client’s needs and acquiring their approval, we kickstarted the campaign in March 2022 and received the first influx of traffic. Since then, we have managed their Google Ads campaigns effectively with frequent monitoring and continual updates.

As we are a data-driven agency, we value the stories that our marketing analytics convey and believe it is important that our clients are also educated on what we are doing. Due to this, we have been upfront about our marketing performances and regularly update our clients on such via monthly reports on all marketing insights that would help drive their region forward.


YoY growth in impressions


YoY growth in engagement


in website sessions from social sources

Our Impact

Up to date, we have delivered meaningful results from our multi-channel effort to raise awareness and drive local engagement for Harvest Sky. Here are some of the key highlights that we have achieved for our client:

  • After integrating Harvest Sky’s updated brand guidelines and launching organic social media campaigns, we have refreshed their official social media channels with a frequent posting of up to 3-4 high-quality content per week that aims to drive engagement and boost their social media profiles. As a result, we have generated up to +1,678% YoY growth in engagement and +52% YoY growth in page likes.
  • As we aim to drive valuable traffic to Harvest Sky’s website, our implemented remarketing social ads campaigns have generated up to +3,911% YoY growth in impressions, as well as a steady monthly average growth of up to +51.16% in website sessions from social sources.

Parallel to social media marketing activities, our targeted, closely-monitored Google Search Ads campaigns have also effectively showcased what Harvest Sky Region offers to the mass with monthly average growth in website conversion of +191.97%.

The Long Game

Bluetrain’s relationship with Harvest Sky continues as we provide ongoing online advertising and content marketing support. Furthermore, our offering of services for HSEDC continues to grow as we take on more important parallel projects in SEO and Website Development to well-position the region as a destination of choice for investors, visitors and residents.

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