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Client Overview

Revolution Motors is a family-owned, full-service auto repair shop in Edmonton that specializes in diesel repair and mechanical and electrical diagnostics. Joel Dohms and his wife Janet started this business to provide routine truck and car maintenance and detailed complex repairs. Their team prides itself on providing quality work and a stellar customer care program.

The Challenge

Revolution Motors was not seeing business coming in through their website. Their website was not ranking high in searches, and there was no pickup in the Edmonton market where they conduct business. This dismal organic growth year over year was caused by a difficult website platform with many limitations and technical issues. Paid ads had some impact on site visits, but if the ads stopped running, website traffic stopped as well.

Our Solution

The goal was to create a site that saw regular and dependable growth, without relying on paid advertising and turned those visits into calls and appointments. Our plan consisted of two main components:

  1. Website Redevelopment 
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Did We Do It?

With the website redevelopment, we recommended they migrate to WordPress to help promote organic growth.

Once we had a new platform in place, we moved onto keyword research and took a deep dive to find the gaps in the diesel market and services.

We used the data from our keyword research to guide the site planning where we reorganized the site’s navigation, introduced new and relevant pages, and very clear and specific calls-to-action throughout the site.

Our SEO specialists also worked hard to create a well-thought-out SEO strategy that would ensure Revolution Motors’ new site would perform at its best online. This meant creating a site architecture and website plan focused on what people were searching for so that we could achieve page 1 ranking in an efficient way.

Content creation and optimization was the final piece of the puzzle for this project. Using the data from our keyword research and the requirements of the new site planning, we worked with a copywriter to create compelling and informative content that helped readers gain a better sense of the services Revolution Motors provided and the level of quality and trust they can expect when choosing Revolution Motors for their vehicle repairs or maintenance.


increase in phone calls from the site

Page 1

ranking for over 108 keywords

Top 10

ranking for 30+ Edmonton "inspection" and "diesel" related queries

Our Impact

The Revolution Motors website now uses organic growth from its website to generate business. Increasing organic growth requires an intentional strategy, and requires a real-time commitment, but it also provides some of the highest conversion rates.

The website redevelopment included a new platform and design that optimized functionality of the business call to action—namely that people call for an appointment.

Their new website launched in 2017. Bluetrain measured organic traffic for January 2017 to September 2017 and compared it with the same time period in 2019:

2017 2019 Increase
Organic traffic 3,167 sessions 24,201 sessions 664.16%
Goal completions 387 completions 816 completions 110.85%
Phone calls from website 210 calls 751 calls 257.62%

Revolution Motors was able to move away from being fully reliant on paid advertising campaigns to generate business and rely on their site ranking in search results. Significantly, their site:

  •       Achieved page 1 ranking for over 108 keywords. 
  •       Achieved top 10 rankings for 30+ Edmonton “inspection” and “diesel” related queries. 

These rankings made it easier for potential customers to find them and trust that Revolution Motors is an expert in its industry.

Bluetrain’s team was incredibly professional and they knew what they were doing. So, I took a leap of faith and invested in a new website. The new site did exactly what they said it would do, and my business is growing in an area where many businesses are not.

Joel Dohms, Owner, Revolution Motors

Joel Dohms
Owner, Revolution Motors

The Long Game

Since 2016, Bluetrain has been working to improve Revolution Motors online presence. Through Digital Strategy, SEO, and Paid Advertising, we have helped to get their phones ringing and improve overall search rankings. Like most success stories, this did not happen overnight, but when both parties are involved and eager to collaborate and work together, great things can be achieved.

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