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Client Overview

CannAmm helps companies across Canada maintain a safe, drug-free workplace by providing clients with fast yet incredibly accurate occupational testing services, solutions, and expertise. As one of Canada’s leading occupational testing firms, CannAmm is committed to helping people work safer and is continually striving to help businesses meet and exceed their safety standards. We have had the pleasure of working with CannAmm on their digital marketing since 2011.

The Challenge

Initially, CannAmm approached Bluetrain to provide search engine optimization services. As our relationship grew over the years, so did the scope of our work. We developed a content strategy for their varied audience needs, and in 2014 we began managing CannAmm’s online advertising as well.

Our Solution

As CannAmm is a business that serves other companies, we took a firm business-to-business (B2B) approach with CannAmm’s digital marketing program as we managed their search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO, online advertising, content strategy, and periodically the redevelopment of CannAmm’s website.

Leading a marketing team of two for a medium-sized company has challenges. It’s impossible to be an expert in every aspect of our strategy. That is why we look to Bluetrain for expertise in all things digital. They are like a team of exemplary employees for SEO, Online Advertising, and anything else you can think of. All this with a single on-call point of contact and a fraction of the cost (vs full-time employee).

Bill Duncan, Marketing Manager, CannAmm

Bill Duncan
Marketing Manager, CannAmm

How Did We Do It?

Bluetrain provided, and continues to provide, a wide range of search engine optimization services for CannAmm, including on-page content optimization and conducting SEO health checks. To improve local SEO, we designed individual location pages and optimized location content, as well as implementing appropriate markup and enhancing existing Google My Business pages.

Effective online advertising campaigns with positive and measurable results are a key way we promote CannAmm’s occupational testing services. These search, display, and remarketing campaigns elevate the CannAmm brand while advertising specific types of testing, such as marijuana testing, audiogram testing, and functional fitness tests.

To advance CannAmm’s content strategy, we worked closely with CannAmm on the creation of custom user personas, a content inventory, and an editorial calendar.

We also played a significant role in the development of CannAmm’s website in 2013. Our role included planning the site architecture, reviewing design mockups, optimizing the body content, and reviewing any technical issues before and after the site launch.

The Long Game

Since 2011, we have built a strong working relationship with the CannAmm marketing team. We enjoy meeting with them each month to discuss their digital marketing program—what's working, what's not, and how to continue connecting CannAmm with the businesses that need their services. With clients as fantastic as CannAmm, it's no wonder we love coming into work every day.

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