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Client Overview

DK-Lok is the Canadian exclusive master distributor for instrumentation valves, fittings, and accessory needs. With over 100 years of instrumentation valve and tube fitting expertise, DK-Lok is one of the only ASME-certified suppliers. As a result, customers can have confidence that they will never have to sacrifice quality or service for the sake of price.

The Challenge

In this particular instrumentation industry, there are a couple of well-known competitors that have a history of dominating the market. Over the years, many consumers have developed the mindset that no other organization compares to these specific distributors.

DK-Lok has identified the opportunity to bring consumers products of the same or higher quality at a more accessible price.

Bluetrain’s challenge? How can we translate the superior quality and expertise of DK-Lok through their online efforts to raise awareness and generate leads?

Our Solution

We helped identify DK-Lok’s audience as anyone who would have a need for instrumentation fittings. This includes industries like oil and gas, water treatment, pulp and paper, research and development, and hospitals. Prior to working with Bluetrain, DK-Lok’s ads were primarily Edmonton-focused. With such a broad audience, we knew that reaching people in different regions would be profitable.

Our overall objectives were to generate awareness, traffic, and leads, and to do this, we had to convince people to give DK-Lok a chance. The organization’s long-term audience seemed hesitant to accept change, so we aimed to expand our targeting to younger minds looking for more cost-effective solutions.

Some KPI’s we focused on achieving were:

  • Acquisition (users, sessions, page views, percentage of new sessions)
  • Behaviour (average session duration, pages/session, bounce rate)
  • Conversion (goal completions, goal conversion rate)
  • Attribution (default channel grouping, conversions, conversion value)

How Did We Do It?

To begin, we performed a technical audit to identify elements on the website that could be optimized. We found recurring page error trends that needed to be resolved. There were also some technical issues with top-level SEO elements. This involved reworking title tags, rewriting meta descriptions using keywords, and creating compelling calls to action.

We set up Google Ads with paid traffic location-specific ads so we could analyze conversions, clicks, and impressions based on specific locations. Campaigns included a mix of search, performance max, and PPC campaigns.

In order to further establish DK-Lok’s digital presence and achieve their annual business goals, we formulated a strategic approach to leverage the power of Google Ads by running ongoing digital advertising campaigns that showcased DK-Lok’s cutting-edge products but also resonated with the specific pain points and needs of their potential customers.

We began with a careful analysis of the client’s target audience, industry landscape, and unique selling propositions. To ensure our ads reached the most relevant audience, we:

  • Crafted compelling ad copies that not only highlighted DK-Lok’s cutting-edge products but also resonated with the specific pain points and needs of their potential customers. 
  • Implemented relevant ad extensions that were strategically employed to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the ads.
  • Selected relevant keywords to optimize ad targeting. 

To further amplify the impact of the campaign, we implemented an efficient bidding strategy. This, along with adjusting bids based on real-time data analysis, helped maximize the budget allocation for high-performing keywords. Continuous monitoring and optimization became the cornerstone of our strategy, allowing us to adapt swiftly to market trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities. This dynamic approach not only ensured cost-effectiveness but also maximized the return on investment for DK-Lok.

In tandem with our efforts on the advertising front, we implemented robust tracking mechanisms to gauge the performance of the Google Ads campaign accurately. This data-driven approach not only provided valuable insights into user behaviour but also facilitated informed decision-making to refine and enhance the ongoing campaign.

Our social media team helped create a social plan to leverage DK-Lok as one of the top thought leaders in the instrumentation industry. To do this, we had to clearly define the target audience by analyzing the current analytics. Next, we created an organic content strategy, primarily focusing on LinkedIn.

Our goal was to create content that allowed the audience to stay current on industry news and trends. This would be achieved through:

  • Product posts
  • Informative blogs (breakdowns of products using downloadable PDFs) to LinkedIn
  • Thought leadership content (safety regulations, emerging trends, new markets)
  • Recruitment posts (behind-the-scenes content of the team, team updates)

Our Impact

Our agency’s transformative impact on DK-Lok is evident in the remarkable year-over-year growth statistics. Some of the notable results from our efforts include:

  • An outstanding +89.1% increase in total clicks, showcasing an expanding audience engagement. 
  • Impressions soared by +60.9%, reflecting a substantial rise in brand visibility. 
  • The click-through rate experienced a notable +17.5% uplift, emphasizing the effectiveness of our targeted approach. 
  • Call clicks witnessed an extraordinary surge of +620%, indicative of enhanced consumer interaction. 

In terms of lead generation, conversions skyrocketed by +123.6%, highlighting a substantial increase in actionable business opportunities. The conversion rate also saw a commendable +11.2% YoY boost, solidifying our commitment to delivering tangible results for DK-Lok. This comprehensive growth underscores the success of our collaborative efforts in elevating both brand awareness and lead generation for DK-Lok.

Perhaps the most important element during this entire journey was maintaining a transparent and collaborative relationship with the DK-Lok team. This was achieved through providing regular updates on campaign performance and engaging in constructive discussions to align our strategies with their evolving business goals. The success of our campaigns was not merely about achieving short-term results but about fostering a sustainable and scalable digital marketing framework that will continue to drive DK-Lok towards long-term success.

I highly recommend working with Bluetrain Inc. Bluetrain Inc.’s work has been met with positive acclaim, as the website continues to receive requests for the company’s products. The team is highly proactive from a workflow standpoint, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the service provider’s results-driven approach.

Taylor Dooley
Operations Manager, DK-Lok

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