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Client Overview

CASA Mental Health is an established non-profit organization delivering holistic, culturally safe wrap-around mental health services to Albertans ages 3 to 18 and their families. This community-based organization is comprised of experienced mental health professionals and trauma experts who are committed to delivering service in collaboration with community partners. From community outreach settings to intensive treatment programs, CASA assesses and treats thousands of children, youth, and their families each year.

The Challenge

CASA’s partnership with Bluetrain began with the organization’s desire to leverage the power of their social media platforms to enhance outreach, engagement, and awareness of their services and overall mission.

With the help of our social media strategists, CASA’s objective was to reach more people and more diverse audiences and ultimately maximize their positive impact on the community.

Our Solution

To amplify and grow CASA’s social media presence, our team of social media experts worked in collaboration with the CASA team to manage all organic social media efforts. By outsourcing content creation, platform management, and community engagement, CASA would be able to gain helpful insights, improve consistency, and streamline processes to ultimately drive larger business goals of brand awareness and organizational success.

How did we do it?

In order to set clear objectives and lay the foundation to effectively support CASA’s business objectives, we began with developing a social media strategy. We performed an audit of the existing social media channels and current metrics, as well as an analysis of similar organizations in the industry.


Through our findings, we identified opportunities to utilize social media intentionally. We could build awareness while also contributing to the organization’s overall objectives. We aimed to:

  • Inform and educate audiences on industry topics in fun and unique ways.
  • Create consistent and branded content across all platforms and sub-accounts.
  • Showcase community involvement to strengthen ties to the community and humanize the brand.
  • Achieve a balance of entertaining and engaging content.

All of our efforts revolved around 3 main goals:

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility.
    • By developing valuable and shareable content that resonates with the audience’s needs and interests, we will see growth in organic reach, impressions, and post shares.
  • Build community engagement.
    • Spark meaningful conversations and encourage authentic interactions to create an increase in post likes, comments, and shares.
  • Generate leads and website traffic from organic social channels.
    • See an increase in click-through rates and, in turn, growth in website traffic from social media post links through compelling content.

We targeted our efforts towards 3 primary platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We created a consistent content calendar and crafted compelling content that would resonate with the target audience and inspire them to learn more. We were also able to support the creation of brand guidelines to develop templates and graphics that were on-brand and visually engaging. 

To promote audience engagement, we performed daily community engagement checks where we interacted with users. This helped build meaningful relationships, increase brand loyalty, and overall strengthen the brand’s reputation.


average engagement rate


followers gained


people reached

Our Impact

To measure success, the key performance indicators we strived for were:

  • Number of social media followers by platform
  • Social media impression and engagement rates
  • Conversions by referral channel
  • Click-through rates
  • Marketing spend per conversion

Throughout our partnership with CASA, we saw significant growth across platforms in a variety of ways:

  • Followers: Our commitment to expanding the online audience was achieved through consistent follower growth.
    • Facebook: 33.6% YOY increase in followers
    • Instagram: 71% YOY increase in followers
    • LinkedIn: 229% YOY increase in followers
  • Impressions: Substantial improvements in impressions helped amplify reach and enhance overall visibility across digital platforms.
    • Facebook: 18.5% YOY growth in impressions
    • Instagram: 93% YOY growth in impressions
    • LinkedIn: 190% YOY growth in impressions

Overall, Bluetrain was able to leverage CASA’s social media platforms in order to significantly enhance the organization’s outreach, engagement, and support for youth and families impacted by mental health challenges. Through active community engagement, strategic content creation, and streamlined processes, we were able to help grow CASA’s following, share its mission and resources, and build connections by reaching more users.  

“Bluetrain’s social media strategists have saved our Communications team a great deal of time and effort. Our strategist generates quality content to support CASA’s content pillars, and is always flexible and receptive to ideas and feedback. The monthly reports are useful and thorough, and the data helps inform our larger communications strategies and goals at CASA. Thank you, Bluetrain, for supporting CASA’s vision of a community where all children, youth and families are provided with timely mental health care and empowered to thrive!”

Anna York
Communications Officer, CASA Mental Health

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