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Our Email Marketing Services

Email is one of the most popular online activities (along with search) and this fact is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Integrating email marketing into an overall online marketing strategy adds another effective ROI opportunity.

Bluetrain has experience using email marketing for direct product promotion, email html newsletters, tradeshow follow-ups, news and announcements, and special event invitations.

Email Content Development

Bluetrain brainstorms content ideas and collaborates with you to develop the final email copy. If required, Bluetrain has relationships with professional writers to assist in the writing process

Ongoing Email Newsletter Management

Bluetrain understands that having a regular email newsletter requires time and effort to handle coordinating content and email distribution. Bluetrain removes this barrier by managing your email newsletter marketing on an ongoing basis. We coordinate the collection of content, email layout, distribution, and reporting of results

Email Distribution

Many people prefer to avoid the hassle of coordinating the distribution of a large number of emails, primarily because databases and other IT systems are often required. Bluetrain removes this stress from your workload. We handle the distribution of any email marketing campaign to your contact list on your behalf

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