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Facebook Advertising for Business

Facebook advertising allows you to promote your business across a family of applications including Facebook, Messenger, the Audience Network, and Instagram.

Really great Facebook advertising will entice potential customers and clients to interact with the ad and engage with your business. Whether the goal is to generate awareness or increase lead generations, you can create a targeted Facebook ad campaign to help drive traffic to your website and turn web surfers into valued customers.

Facebook Ads in Today’s Social Media Marketing

Once upon a time, businesses could create Facebook pages and count on showing up in their followers’ news feeds. In 2018, Facebook changed its algorithms so that news feeds show more content from friends, families and groups, and less from businesses and media. In short, Facebook wants to encourage meaningful interactions. So, while your business needs to work a little harder to reach your target audience, the interactions you do have will be more valuable. It also means you’ll need to look at paid advertising as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Benefits of Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms, and the strategic use of this platform has many benefits:

  • Facebook’s extended family of apps gives your business more reach.
  • You’ll get the most flexibility in targeting specific audiences with your Facebook ads.
  • Facebook provides one of the least expensive forms of paid advertising.
  • People who have already visited your website will get a more personalized experience by seeing ads based on their browsing history once a Facebook pixel is installed and a remarketing audience is created.
  • You’ll be taking advantage of the trend toward mobile devices and people’s habit of checking their devices regularly. Facebook ads are highly visible because your audience is exposed to them multiple times as they browse their newsfeed.
  • You can measure how effective your ads are by using the Facebook Pixel, an analytics tool that gets your ads in front of the right people and tells you what actions they are taking as a result.
  • There are several effective ad formats that encourage interaction, so you can choose a format that showcases your product or service.
  • A/B testing ad copy, image, and formats on a small budget. For example, you can test different ads on Facebook and gather data to see which performs better before launching a massive campaign.

How Bluetrain Can Help

Diving into the world of online advertising can be daunting, but Bluetrain is here to help.

  • We’ll work with you to understand, and if needed, define the business goals you want to address through advertising.
  • We’ll help you develop an advertising budget that will maximize your return on your investment.
  • We’ll walk you through the Facebook advertising process and help you understand how pricing works.
  • We’ll set up analytics and reporting to help you understand how effective your Facebook ads are at bringing in business. This might also include helping you set up analytics on your website
  • Based on this data, we will continue to review and optimize campaigns and adjust ad strategy.

Our social media advertising process is all about working with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by understanding priorities and your target audience.

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising is Easy

Getting started is as easy as reaching out to one of our social media marketing experts.  We look forward to helping you with your Facebook ads strategy!

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