A Bit More

Andrei found his passion for online marketing while studying Economics at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. After receiving his degree, Andrei pursued marketing at the same university and received his Master’s in Online Marketing. During this time, Andrei enrolled in Google’s Online Marketing Academy and worked several part-time jobs where he helped companies improve their online presence, and planned and executed various traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Andrei has worked in the digital marketing industry since 2009 and has been with Bluetrain since 2011. He started with link building projects for several clients, but his passion for marketing drove him to learn more about optimizing a website for success. As the digital marketing industry is a vast one, Andrei decided add to his knowledge base and learn pay per click advertising. Over the last 4 years,  he has focused his work on successfully managing many client’s advertising accounts.

During his free time, Andrei likes to play basketball with his friends, climb mountains, swim, and play chess with his brother. In addition, he loves to go on road trips abroad and has a big appetite for good food!