Just when we thought we had left our Brownie and Boy Scout badge-wearing days behind us, Google has bestowed us with our very own Premier Google Partner Badge. They like us. They really like us!

What does it mean?

The Premier Google Partner badge highlights Bluetrain’s expertise and represents our team’s dedication to growth, excellence, integrity, knowledge, and dedication to our clients.

“The Premier Google Partner Badge highlights Bluetrain’s expertise and excellence.”


The  Premier Google Partner Badge is “designed to recognize partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers.”

So, what does the badge say about us? It says we are experienced and effective online advertising experts. The Premier Google Partner badge showcases Bluetrain’s AdWords product expertise and will help us connect with potential clients who are looking for this type of experience.

Based on the product knowledge demonstrated by the company, Bluetrain’s badge shows our specialization in paid search advertising and display advertising.

Why is it important?

The Premier Google Partner badge shows our commitment to our clients and our dedication to customer service. Our standards are high, and Google recognizes these standards.

So, why should your company work with a Google partner?

1. Expertise and experience:

Google partners are recognized as employees whose certifications are up to date and meet the high expectations of Google. This offers a competitive advantage to clients.

As a Premier Google Partner, our clients know we are experienced and are committed to providing them with the best service possible.

2. Get the help you need:

Google partners are experts in one or more AdWords product areas:

  • Search advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Display advertising

A company that doesn’t maintain Google’s standards for partner status can have the badge removed. We work hard to maintain a high standard of service, to offer innovative ideas, and have a strong commitment to our clients.

“The badge is designed to recognize partners who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers.”

3. Find us:

Team up with the right partner by searching expertise, location, or budget to find the right fit for you. The Premier Google Partners badge makes it easy for clients to search for their specific needs and gives us the opportunity to meet those needs.

How did we get noticed?

What did we do to get Google’s attention? Well, there are several requirements to meet in order to attain a Premier Google Partner Badge, such as:

  • Have at least two affiliated individuals certified in AdWords.
  • Have a high spend requirement across managed accounts to show a healthy, and growing amount of activity.
  • Meet the performance requirement by delivering solid overall AdWords revenue while maintaining and growing customer base.

We are excited to be recognized by Google as a Premier Google Partner. Even though we don’t have a sash to pin it onto, we look forward to displaying our badge with pride.

“It’s rewarding to be named a Premier Google Partner as it validates our teams dedication to quality in maintaining healthy Google AdWords accounts with active professional management. It’s also a reflection of our passion to grow as individuals and grow our customer base.”  – Bryan Smith (Bluetrain President)

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