Client:Rohit Communities
Date:June 06, 2012

Rohit Communities

Rohit Communities is an innovative home builder that proudly builds beautiful, sustainable and affordable homes in the Edmonton, Fort McMurray and British Columbia areas. Known for their original approach to home design and home building, Rohit Communities is one of Alberta’s foremost builders of single family homes, bungalows, townhomes, duplexes and award-winning apartment condos.

In 2009, Rohit Communities noticed their website was not ranking in Google for major keywords related to their business, and, in fact, was not even ranking for the company’s own brand name.

In 2009, Rohit Communities noticed their website was not ranking well in Google for major keywords related to their business.

Concerned about their lack of online presence, and determined to demonstrate some of the innovation unique to the company, Rohit Communities tasked Bluetrain with the challenge of improving search engine traffic and online presence of the brand.

In order to increase Rohit’s site performance in the highly competitive home building industry, Bluetrain knew it would have to be strategic with its SEO techniques, and explore several online marketing avenues.

Bluetrain employed an online marketing strategy that combined a thorough optimization of the website, participation in online PR activities, and a highly targeted online advertising campaign.

Since the 2009 launch of their SEO program, Rohit Communities has increased the number of site visitors per year by 490%! In 2011, Bluetrain worked closely with Rohit Communities and their developer to oversee the development of the new Rohit Communities website. Since its launch in November 2011 the new website has already attracted 271% more visitors than the previous year’s total.

“We chose Bluetrain because we felt we had found a partner, not a band-aid solution. Online marketing is an ongoing process and Bluetrain has not rested on our success to date but has continued to find new ways to grow our online success.”
Amy Power, Marketing Manager, Rohit Communities

“Rohit Communities has been successful because of their commitment, and willingness to work with Bluetrain as a true partner; they made the changes we suggested, and believed in the end results.  Rohit’s willingness to involve us with the development of their new site has allowed us to set them up for further success.”
Bryan Smith, President, Bluetrain Inc.