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We are proud to announce that Bluetrain is joining forces with Simplified Social to offer a fully integrated approach to digital marketing. Simplified Social is an Edmonton and Kelowna-based social media firm offering both strategy and social media management services. Not only does this new team bring with them a suite of social media services and experience, they also expand our team members in both Alberta and British Columbia. 

“With Simplified Social joining our team, we are adding proven social media strategy and ongoing management capacity to our company,” said Bryan Smith, Bluetrain Founder and President. “By combining our services and people, we can provide clients an integrated digital marketing offering across the online landscape, including social media, content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, web analytics and eCommerce strategy.”

At the helm of Simplified Social is Alex Carnio, who is joining Bluetrain as Director of Social Media and Content Marketing. She founded the social media agency in 2015 and, since then, has grown to a team of five people, helping more than 100 brands build credibility and increase sales with their social media strategies. 

“We have been strategically collaborating with Bluetrain since 2018 and have been impressed by the company’s work and commitment to data-driven marketing,” said Alex. “We are excited about this opportunity to join the Bluetrain team and to build on what we have already achieved together.”

What Does This Mean For Our Current and Future Clients?

With Simplified Social becoming a division of Bluetrain, we are growing from a team of 18 digital marketing professionals to 23, with team members across Canada from Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. 

With the addition of our new team, we have gained a breadth of knowledge to drive social media strategy, manage ongoing social accounts, and also offer social media training through SocialU, an online social media training platform developed by the Simplified Social Team.

Bluetrain’s social media division will continue to operate under the stewardship of Alex, with the ownership change not affecting Simplified Social’s current clients and any active ongoing services. Additionally, Simplified Social clients will now gain access to the full breadth of the shared suite of digital marketing services, such as SEO, digital advertising, analytics and eCommerce strategy.

Interested in a results-driven social media management? Drop us a line and see what new doors this could open for your organization. 

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