Jodie Worobec, Account Manager

This week was an exciting one at Bluetrain as we welcomed a new member to our team – Jodie Worobec!
Jodie is a fellow marketing geek and U of A Business School alum. She also happens to be quite the world traveller! Fun fact about Jodie: She has been to 5 continents and seen 5 Wonders of the World.)

I sat down to play 21 Questions with Jodie so that I could learn a little more about her. Here’s what I found out about our new office mate!

21 Questions with Jodie

DG: First off, where are you from?
JW: Edmonton, but if you want to get into specifics, Spruce Grove.

DG: What did you want to be when you were little?
JW: At one point I definitely wanted to be an astronaut. I also wanted to be a lifeguard or a camp counselor.

DG: What was your favorite subject in school?
JW: Phys. ed. and drama were two of my favorites.

DG: Did you ever do any plays?
JW: A few, the highlight was definitely a role in Annie. I played Grace, Daddy Warbucks’s secretary and love interest. I actually auditioned for a play about a year ago, but I didn’t get the part.

DG: You have an older sister; as the younger of two girls, did you find you could relate to Princess Anna at all? Your hair is red…
JW: I haven’t seen Frozen, so I don’t know… My sister and I don’t fall into traditional older/younger sister roles though. I am definitely the more responsible one!

DG: Where did you go to school?
JW: I went to MacEwan for a year where I played on the Griffins’ volleyball team. Then I decided to end my volleyball career and focus on school, so I transferred to the U of A.
DG: You play volleyball? Does Bryan know? If he does, he has likely already added you to his beach volleyball roster, are you aware of that?
JW: I’m not aware of that! However, Bryan should be aware that I suck at beach. Indoor is my specialty, but I can’t move in sand – I get stuck.

Jodie with parrot

DG: What did you study at the U of A?
JW: Business. I majored in marketing.
DG: Why did you decide to study marketing?
JW: Originally I wanted to be a psychologist, but after an interesting 20/20 special on consumer behaviour I saw marketing as a practical application of psychology, which was really interesting to me.
DG: What are some of your favorite memories from University?
JW: Being on the executive of RMBS (Rocky Mountain Business Seminar) and the UAMA (University of Alberta Marketing Association). I met some really cool people through those clubs and went to some fun events and conferences.

DG: What has been your favourite job to date?
JW: I used to work at Fort Edmonton Park as what they call a “historical interpreter”. That sounds fancy but really I worked at the midway as a 1920’s carnie. The best part was that we were encouraged to do historically accurate activities between customers, so I got to play cards or read. There were some fun quirks to the job like if I was reading anything modern I’d have to disguise the cover with brown paper and write the title of a book that would have been popular during the time period. Also water bottles weren’t allowed, so I’d have to drink water out of a mason jar.
DG: That is too funny! It sounds like it was a really fun job. So, is this your first foray into digital marketing?
JW: Formally? Yes. It’s been a part of my past jobs – I’ve managed the content on websites and worked with social media, but until now I’ve worked primarily in traditional marketing.

DG: What motivated your decision to switch to a career in digital marketing?
JW: I think it’s a field that is the future of marketing, and I love learning about new technology and innovation.
DG: What about the position of account manager appealed to you?
JW: That it involved working with people to help them grow their businesses. The fact that it would be a huge learning opportunity for me. Also, the organizational aspect of the job appealed to that part of my personality.
DG: Yes, word on the street is your organizational skills are “out of control”. Do you have any tips to share with us?
JW: Put everything in a to-do list. Color coding can be your best friend.

Jodie's travels 3

DG: You’ve been here a week; what are your first impressions of Bluetrain and the people that work here?
JW: Everyone is really welcoming and helpful. It’s a good vibe! Everyone seems to enjoy working here and are excited to come to work.

DG: That’s really nice to hear! I hear you love TV, what are some of your all-time favorite TV shows?
JW: Oh, I am a TV buff! I love Walking Dead, Mad Men, and I am really sad Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are over. Anything AMC or HBO like Girls or Game of Thrones. I like mixing in some trashy MTV realities too. I spend a lot of time on Netflix with shows like House of Cards or marathoning classics.

DG: You just went to India. If you could describe your Indian travel experience in three words, what would they be?
JW: Colors. Curries. Cows.

DG: According to your bio you are something of a world traveler. You’ve walked on 5 continents and seen 5 wonders of the world. What have you learned from your extensive travel experiences?
JW: I’ve learned that the world is massive. The variations in culture, landscape, and religion are incredible. And we are very lucky to live in Canada.

Jodie's travels

DG: If you had to pick one the places you’ve visited to live, which one would you pick?
JW: Probably Cape Town. It’s beautiful city that has a very interesting mix of cultures.

DG: What is something that we would never guess about you?
JW: I’m not a natural redhead!
DG: What?! Really?
JW: I’m a fake ginger!

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