Last Friday, thanks to our fearless leader, Bryan, we went to the new Google Internship movie as a fun office teambuilding activity – particularly important since the office has been growing (I’m one of the new additions) and we wanted to get to know each other better. The Internship is a new movie with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It’s basically Wedding Crashers, except at Google. This movie hit home with us as it touched on experiences we seem to deal with every day (from what I’ve seen so far). We talked afterwards about everything we learned:

I learned that we need to come up with a cool word like Googliness for Bluetrain.

Sometimes it’s the intangible that matters, the je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference. Google calls this Googliness, we at Bluetrain haven’t invented a name for it yet. (It’s coming – next team meeting!) But it’s the trust that you’ve found a creative, inventive, dedicated and fun group of people to help guide you to online success. This ‘googliness’ is what we want to show all our clients each time we see them.

I learned that Quidditch isn’t cool when your broom can’t actually fly.

So you know what’s awesome?! Harry Potter and the sport of Quidditch, obviously.
You know what isn’t awesome? Quidditch without the flying.

You know that amazing website, the one that you can picture perfectly in your head, and that’s entirely programmed using Flash? Yes, we get that it’s going to look super cool, but unfortunately, no one is ever going to get the chance to see it because Google search can’t read it properly which means it never gets ranked well. A part of the online marketing services we provide is to make sure that other people find your great ideas.

We learned a night out clubbing builds a winning team.
Team Building starts at the club
Image © The Internship

I learned that a few shots and a night out clubbing builds a winning team.

Thinking outside the box helps you win! We find new and different ways to help you succeed online because we work as a team and come from different backgrounds and experience. We work on the motto that more brains are better than one. Most of us are parents though, so with us there’s a whole lot less drinking (at work anyways).

In the end, people want to work with people.

We view our clients as partners. We’re always available to answer a phone, meet in person, Skype or hang-out on Google. We want to work with you to create your online strategy so you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way.

I learned adding slides and nap pods in our new office can increase productivity

Seriously, climbing stairs can really eat away at your time and the nap pods cut down on the commute.

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