Well, anyone who knows SEO, knows about SEOmoz. They provide great, easy-to-use SEO software, that makes our lives, as online marketers, a heckuva lot easier. I sent someone at SEOmoz a wee shipment of Fleur de Sel Caramels. Why on earth would I do that? Are they deserving of chocolates?

ASIMO - A non-SEO Robot
Some robots do it all themselves, some need humans to make their work-work.

It’s not like they’re some SEO-Wizard of Oz, with Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz founder and CEO) in some terrible green waistcoat pulling levers behind a curtain. As cool as that would be, especially the waistcoat, real SEO is actually extremely hard work, done by people, not robots.

As online marketing professionals, of course we expect, as you should, that we know how to make sense of online marketing, technically. We have to work persistently to keep up with what’s happening in the online world, and we probably even seem like techno-nerds to our friends and family, and even to many of our great clients.

In my case, tools, like the ones from SEOmoz, make me look a lot smarter than I actually am, but more importantly, they allow me to focus on the real things I need to focus on, like our customers and my colleagues.

Ok, that would sort of make anyone deserving of chocolate… just doing stuff that makes me look good, but there’s more!

For SEOmoz, its focus is clearly on one group of people, its own people (Mozzers). I don’t need to read any biographies, nor any histories, in order to come to that conclusion. I’m a customer. Sometimes, like recently, I have to deal with a Mozzer about something. In this case, I made a stupid mistake, twice, and SEOmoz had my back. They listened to my case, checked out the data, and did me a solid. Once again, making me look good. The person I dealt with was prompt, courteous, and professional. I was sort of cursing myself, because apparently she’s on “Mozcation,” so at least I can hope that her fellow Mozzers will leave her a few of those salted caramels


Chiaryn – Happy Mozzer. Yes, as it turns out, SEOmoz *does* deserve Chocolate.
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