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Whether or not you and your team have become Google Analytics Certified, you probably still feel lost when it comes to actually create your analytics setup. 

Many clients come to us after completing Google’s Analytics Academy but still aren’t sure where to go from there. Bluetrain’s Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training walk you through planning, implementing, and creating reports in the Google Marketing Suite.

Why Analytics Is A “Must’ In Your Marketing Toolkit

Today, like never before, we have access to an overwhelming amount of data, from customer demographics to user behaviour. In this digital landscape, it is essential that teams understand the results of their marketing efforts. And yet, many digital marketing professionals have a blind spot when it comes to measuring the ROI of their efforts. 

Whether you are evaluating your ranking keywords on search engines, measuring the engagement of your e-newsletter or need to justify your social media budget, analytics reporting is essential. 

Our training will help you understand what works (and what doesn’t) for your industry and help you gain a competitive edge. 

Google Analytics for Beginners

The goal of this analytics training is to introduce you and your team to the world of data-driven marketing. In this course, our strategists walk students through an introductory guide to Google Analytics and demonstrate the platform’s real life applications. 

Google Tag Manager Online Training 

Google Tag Manager is one of the most important tools for marketers. However, because of the initial learning curve, it often goes unused. In our Google Tag Manager Course, you’ll learn the practical steps to starting with Google Tag Manager. From industry best practice to the foundational variables that we swear by, to data layer techniques that arm your web analytics account with invaluable information. 

Our Google Tag Manager Course is designed to build on the Tag Manager Fundamentals course that is offered through Analytics Academy and show you the practical way to learn Google Tag Manager through practice and implementing your tagging and tracking strategies. 

Creating Custom Google Data Studio Reports

The latest release from the analytics team at Google, Data Studio is a game changer when it comes to data visualization. In this course, our strategists go in depth to demonstrate the possibilities of Google Data Studio. The training covers:

  • Proper UTM Tracking for accurate data collection 
  • Adding connectors from data sources
  • Creating custom calculations with Google Sheets
  • Set up and manage a truly automated reporting system. 
Advanced Google Analytics Online Training 

So your team is analyzing data in Google Analytics and applying it to their marketing decisions. The next step is to create an analytics setup from scratch. This course combines the teachings from our Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio training. In our Advanced Google Analytics Online Course, our strategists will teach you practical steps to :

  • Setup tags and triggers to track events
  • Translate Events into Goals in Google Analytics
  • Create automated data visualization in Google Data Studio. 

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