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Put simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how we help websites show up in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. 

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When you perform a search on Google, the search engine considers a number of different factors to decide what web pages it shows you. It is the job of an SEO to keep up to date on these factors and help implement a strong technical SEO, content, and link building strategy. 

This means that not only does SEO involve the content that you have on your website, it is also influenced by the reputation of your website on the internet (ie, what other websites say about you / what links point to you).  

The SEO industry is huge and continues to grow. In an age where marketing strategy is becoming more technical, smart business owners are beginning to understand the power of this channel. In fact, this often underestimated channel is now being considered as the only ‘true evergreen’ lead driver, that is, once the initial work and optimizations are in place, SEO isn’t dependent on a budget to drive leads (unlike more traditional forms of advertising).

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Bluetrain’s SEO Training Course Outline

In Bluetrain’s SEO Marketing Training Course material, we examine a number of SEO specializations to empower you and your team to take on your own optimization projects.  

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the starting point of any good SEO strategy. If you have technical issues on your site that make it difficult (or impossible) for Google to crawl it, then the quality of your content doesn’t matter because Google can’t see it. 

Bluetrain’s Technical SEO Training covers the quantitative side of SEO: from sitemaps and robots.txt to directives and proper response codes. Start your SEO Training the right way. 

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On-Page SEO and Content Marketing

While it can feel like websites and blogs get most of their visitors from Instagram or Facebook, a well-optimized website can actually attract huge amounts of motivated organic traffic long after the social media hoards have moved on. 

In Bluetrain’s Content Marketing training, we’ll review the right (and wrong!) way to do your keyword research, plan your site architecture (the pages you need on your site), and how to properly optimize for on-page SEO, including local SEO considerations. 

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Structured Data and Schema Markup

Structured data is one of the most talked-about and equally misunderstood areas of SEO. 

Bluetrain’s online training course offers a guide to structured data, which SEO’s leverage to create ‘enhanced’ search results, like recipe cards, reviews, or ratings on organic search results. Through our training, you will discover what types of structured data work best for your business and how they can help send your Click Through Rate through the roof. 

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Advanced SEO Strategies

In recent years, Google has been pushing marketers to seriously consider user intent in their keyword strategy —  for good reason! By understanding the intent of the user when they use a set of search terms, you are ensuring the success of your SEO Strategy. For example, if you have a website that sells artisan cupcakes, you are going to have more conversions and a lower bounce rate if you optimize for ‘cupcake shop’ versus ‘cupcake recipe’. Yes, the two search terms fall under the ‘cupcake’ topic but the intent of the keywords is completely different. 

As a part of our Advanced SEO training, our strategists cover how to determine and leverage user intent in your SEO Strategy. From selecting keywords, benchmarking in Google Search Console and reviewing Google Analytics metrics, we analyze step by step the cause and effect of intent in your keywords.


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