This past weekend we headed out to iMEDIA 2015 to deliver a session on Social ROI and to catch up with some of Edmonton’s savviest social marketers.

Hello Media organized a great event and from beginning to end, the day was full of inspiring and informative talks, great networking opportunities, and, of course, lots of cute cat pictures. (Because, really, where would social media be without cat pictures?)

So, to thank everyone for the wonderful day, we’ve put together a tweet summary (in true Buzzfeed style) of our favourite moments from this year’s conference!

1. The time we were all wowed by the beautiful, paper wall art.

2. When MC Linda Hoang kicked off the day with a good old fashioned cat challenge.

3. And when Erin Bury took to the stage to talk about real-time marketing and how to avoid social media failure.

4. The moment we found these little babies in our grab bags again!

5. When we realized that fashion was alive and well at the conference.

6. And when Mikhaila Skehor perfectly summed up every social marketer’s feelings towards autoposting.

7. The moment when Caroline Gault dropped this elegant pearl of social media wisdom.

8. And when all these people gathered to hear Janelle Aker and Devin Komarniski talk about social media strategies for nonprofits.

9. When Ryan Frankson took us on a tour of the Edmonton Oilers’ crazy social media journey and helped us understand what it’s like to manage one of the most engaged (and sometimes enraged) audiences in the city.

10. And when Brian Siddle delivered a strong presentation on how to develop a social media strategy (and united iMEDIA in a mutual hate of Caillou.)

11. The fact that we had endless options for plugging in all of the things…

12. And when lunch was this delicious!

13. When Kyle Giesbrecht gave us all a sneak peak of the Google cardboard virtual reality simulator.

14. And Nikki Van Dusen offered this refreshing approach to social media policy.

15. When Idris Fashan kept it real about publishing and promoting content.

16. When Justin Archer reminded us all of the importance of communications strategy.

17. And, of course, when we had our own chance to share some information about social analytics!

18.  When we recognized the sponsors that made the event possible!

19. And when Chris LaBossiere moved us with his sincere closing keynote.

What were your favorite moments from iMEDIA 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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