We’re so excited for iMEDIA 2015 not only because this year’s keynote speakers and breakout sessions promise to be absolutely fascinating, but because we will be presenting our very own breakout session called Social ROI: How to Measure and Report Social Media.

A Common Social Media Problem

In our session, we will be exploring a common issue that many social media marketers face which is: how can we prove the real impact of social media on business outcomes when we aren’t sure of the metrics we should be tracking and we don’t have the tools to do so?

Likes, ReTweets, +1’s, Oh, My!

As a fellow social marketer, I get it. There are literally hundreds of social networks out there and oodles of social metrics to go along with each of them. Between the likes, ReTweets, repins, and +1’s, it can get a little crazy! And that is just the social network metrics. There is a whole other group of metrics to track once you get people to your website. Fear not though! We’re planning to give you everything you need so that you can measure and report on your social media marketing like a pro!

What We Plan to Cover

We’ll talk about which business goals are most achievable on social media and exactly which metrics you should be tracking per goal. We’ll also walk you through how to set up a Google Analytics Dashboard for social media so that you can track website sessions and leads that are attributable to your social media efforts. We’re looking forward to a very interactive environment, so come prepared with lots of questions and bring your laptop (and Google Analytics login) so that you can walk out of our session with your own social media dashboard.

Stop underestimating the value of your social media. Measure it!

See You at iMEDIA!

If you think you could use some help with your social media measurement and reporting, sign up for our session when you register for the conference. iMEDIA is less than a week and a half away so don’t wait to secure your spot!

Tweet at us if you do plan to attend our session so we can be sure to say hello on the day. Hope to see you soon!

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