An infographic from Internet Service Providers displays super interesting data regarding social media usage between men and women.

Apparently, women prefer Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (surprise, surprise) over all the other social networking sites. Men prefer Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

According to this data, women do 62% of the sharing on Facebook although 80% of women admit that their Facebook friends annoy them. Also, women adore Pinterest, 70% of Pinterest users are female! If you pair that stat with the following: “Pinterest drives more business referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined” – that’s some pretty heavy business intelligence right there.

[su_box title=”Business Tip” style=”soft”]Does your business offer products and services to women? If so, get set up with an account on Pinterest and post DIY content, tutorials and recipes (if applicable) related to your product. These posts receive 42% higher click-through rate than any other post type on Pinterest. Don’t forget to link back to your site! [/su_box]

Comparitively, men use YouTube 7% more than women. About 1 in 4 men watch YouTube videos daily and spend, on average, 1 hour per week watching videos.

[su_box title=”Business Tip” style=”soft”]Got a pile of FAQs burning a hole in your filing cabinet? Turn those FAQs into fun video responses that you can later post to your business’s YouTube account. [/su_box]

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