Working Together to Drive Diversity in Canada’s Digital Landscape

Bluetrain is proud to announce its 3-year Champion Level partnership with Canada Learning Code, the country’s leading national charity champion of digital literacy education.

Like Bluetrain, Canada Learning Code values diversity, inclusion, and helping people excel by strengthening their digital skills. We’re working to ensure people can access the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in our digital world.

Canada Learning Code

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Shared Values and an Opportunity to Make a Difference

The “why” behind our partnership lies in shared values and an excellent opportunity to make a significant impact across Canada. We started as volunteer mentors in some Canada Learning Code workshops and classes. As we got to know the organization better, we loved partnering with them and their passion for the cause.

Canada Learning Code and Bluetrain share many of the same core values and passions, including diversity, inclusion, teamwork, self-growth, digital expertise, and simply wanting to do great things and make a positive difference. Partnering with Canada Learning Code allows the Bluetrain team to develop a relationship with a proven charitable organization with similar goals to create a more significant impact in bringing diversity to the digital field across the country. Our team is thrilled to be involved with this great organization and their driven team of people.

What is Canada Learning Code?

Founded as Ladies Learning Code, Canada Learning Code (CLC) is a national charity providing access to digital skill-building opportunities, resources and support to increase diversity in the coding field. CLC strives to ensure everyone in Canada – particularly women, transgender and beyond binary individuals, and racialized people – have access to computer science programs so everyone can create with technology. They partner with educators, design resources, and deliver learning workshops and conferences in person and online to achieve this.

Canada Learning Code has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of people. They have held over 10,500 education events and helped more than 600,000 learners. Each program they deliver is informed by best practices and leading research within the computer science and education field and is grounded in building a tech-loving, supportive community.

How We’re Working Together

Bluetrain is a Champion Level partner with Canada Learning Code, a three-year commitment we started in 2021. We’ll be a critical content author for two new classes geared towards adult learners. SEO and web analytics are crucial to digital marketing success.

In addition, we’ll be supporting Canada Learning Code with in-kind digital marketing to improve their online presence, which will help them reach more people so they can continue making a positive impact. Our team will also have the opportunity to volunteer in their virtual and in-person workshops to help mentor participants.

As a partner of Canada Learning Code, we are in good company; CLC’s community of partners and sponsors includes Amazon, Google, Rogers, Microsoft, Shopify, Boeing, and many more. We look forward to playing a role in Canada Learning Code’s growth and impact.

To learn more about Canada Learning Code and how you (or someone you know) can get involved, visit

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