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Rethinking Recruitment for Alberta Oil & Gas Jobs

How Online Marketing Can Help Alberta Companies Recruit Smarter The caption under a recent headline by Maclean’s magazine about the best-paying, most hire-happy industries in Canada reads: Why you should learn math and move to Alberta. Working and living in Alberta, we’re all well aware of the challenges Alberta’s companies in the oil and gas...  Read More

Bryan Smith

Duplicate Google+ Pages? Here’s A Quick Fix

If you’ve been following our recent posts, you will notice we have become a bit obsessed over solving our duplicate Google+ page issue. In January we addressed the duplicate page problem and how, despite the number of blog posts claiming otherwise, it was not possible to merge your Google+ brand page and your duplicate Google...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Everything You Need To Know About CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation)

Canada is cracking down on spam. We’re only one of the last countries to join the anti-spam game, so as proof that the politicians are really serious about this, they decided to come up with the most stringent, vague, and overly-broad laws that could possibly be conceived. Luckily, most of the regulations don’t apply to...  Read More

Alyana Angus

5 Ways To Kill Your Site

Okay, so we’re being deliberately facetious with the headline of this post (obviously nobody wants to kill their site), but just in case you were curious about what not to do, here is a list of 5 things that could potentially hurt the success of your site. 1. Ignore Mobile It’s old news that having...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Bluetrain in the Edmonton Journal Again This Week!

How to market a new business? The Edmonton Journal asked our very own Bryan Smith. See Bryan’s answer in this week’s issue of the Edmonton Journal!

Diana Gaviria

Bluetrain in the Edmonton Journal

As this recent feature in the Edmonton Journal affirms, no man is an island, and an entrepreneur is only as strong as her support network. Last week, the Edmonton Journal polled our city’s most successful entrepreneurs to discover who they surround themselves with in order to keep business booming.  We’re proud (and not surprised!) that...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Has Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Improved Search?

On September 26th, just days after dropping the so-called (Not Provided) bomb, Google announced their new search algorithm: Hummingbird. This new algorithm is supposed to be faster and more precise than the previous algorithm and marks Google’s move toward a more semantic web. What’s a ‘semantic web’ you ask? Before you Google it, read what...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Keep Calm and Carry On: Moving Past 100% (Not Provided)

About two years ago, Google announced that searches made on a secure Google webpage would no longer deliver the search term to the destination site. Almost immediately following the announcement, certain SEO bloggers began claiming the death of SEO, and websites began to count down to the day when keyword data would disappear completely. That fateful day...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Teaming Up With Clients To Help Retailers!

One of our clients Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is a premier Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software provider in the country! We are excited to be taking part in a sweepstakes that they have on right now for their 20th anniversary. They are taking this time to give back to their valued clients...  Read More

Mark Neufeld

Southern Alberta Floods, Disasters, and Online Marketing

When writing this post, I wanted to talk about “online marketing” in a way that didn’t make it sound like taking advantage of people’s misery for corporate gain, which this isn’t. Really it isn’t. See – not an easy task. That said, in our world of organic search and online marketing, there are many ways...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

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