If you’re not familiar with us personally, you may not be aware that the Bluetrain team is actually composed of mostly ladies (9 to be exact!) who, despite being highly educated, well read individuals, do enjoy watching a little (trashy?) reality TV every now and then. We’re also fans of the office fantasy pool, in fact, we do one for the hockey season every year. So when the newest season of the Bachelor started up, we thought: why not do a Bachelor draft too?

Everyone made their picks (yes, even Glenn and Bryan) based on who they thought would make it the farthest and/or who would generate the most drama. The Bachelor Draft scoring system made it easy to see exactly what kind of behavior would “win” contestants points. For instance, points would be doled out if a contestant boarded an airplane with the bachelor, went on a picnic (they had to be sitting on the ground for it to count though), or enjoyed some jacuzzi time with him.


So, as the season was wrapping up (and Ben was drawing nearer to the final rose ceremony) I decided to see what people were searching online about the show. While I was doing my “research” I came across some interesting searches.

To begin, I just entered “the bachelor win…” to see what would come up. Of course, “the bachelor winner” was a popular search but so was “the bachelor with dogs”. Why are people searching “the bachelor with dogs”? I guess the bachelor is cute and dogs are cute so why not put the two together? This is my unscientific hypothesis…


Next, I decided to switch it up a little bit and started with the search “who will…”. I didn’t even need to type anything about the bachelor and the query “who will win the bachelor 2016” is one of the top results alongside “who will win us election”. (It’s clear that we in Canada have our priorities straight.)


Moving on, I started typing “will ben…” (for those who aren’t Bachelor fans, Ben Higgins was this year’s bachelor) and without even writing his last name the query “will ben pick becca” popped up.

This was an old query though as we had our answer a few weeks ago when Ben sent Becca home. (Although I was hoping she would become the next Bachelorette!)


Another “will ben” question lots of Google users seemed to have had was “will ben send olivia home”. And though we also know the answer to this question (yes, Ben did send Olivia home) I think this question was alluding to the audience’s general dislike of Olivia. She wasn’t the most likeable contestant, but that being said, I did have her on my fantasy team and she did get me a lot of points!

Next, I tried searching “why does the bachelor…” and I noticed the top (somewhat sassy) query “why does the bachelor exist?”

Now, I can see how some people may feel exasperated by the melodramatic music and over-the-top “rom-antics” but if you don’t take it all too seriously, the show really is a lot of fun. So, my question for these users is: “why shouldn’t the bachelor exist?!”

Within this same search, you could see that some people were perhaps very concerned about why the bachelor should pick at all? I mean you’ve made the poor man fall in love with two lovely ladies and then you make him choose? I think some of these users may actually have a point here.

The query related to “why does the bachelor pick catherine” is also an old search about a contestant the bachelor a few seasons back chose. Seems like people were very curious about this pick back then. Personally, I happen to think Catherine was a good pick for previous bachelor Sean, but I guess some people still have their doubts.


Now that this season has finished wrapping up (I am in deep sadness), we got to see who Ben gives the final rose to. It was between Lauren B. and Jojo, and of course everyone had their favourite as you can see by these search results.


And when Ben proposed to Lauren, people wanted to check out the ring of course! And as every die hard Bachelor fan knows, the bachelor’s engagement ring is always a Neil Lane ring and, if I do say so myself, this year’s ring was super nice.

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC


So after the final episode there is always an “after the final rose” episode where we get to see the new happy couple and if it will last.

As a long-time fan of the show though, I have to say this season’s “after the final rose” episode was probably the most awkward one yet. The reason was that the producers had arranged for the couple to have their wedding right then and there! The host Chris Harrison awkwardly suggested they get married “right now” which the recently engaged couple was obviously not on board with. I wanted to see if other people thought the same, so I turned to Google and it seems like people also agreed. Most awkward after the final rose ever!


Luckily, we don’t scare easily. And you can bet we’ll be tuned to next season of the Bachelorette ready to pick our favorites!

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