If your website is doing well in the search rankings, you may wonder if online advertising—or Google Ads—are necessary. While it’s not a yes or no answer, depending on your business, you probably should be using them. Even Google Ads has Google Ad Campaigns.

How do Google search ads work?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is Google’s online advertising platform. When someone conducts a Google search, relevant ads may appear on the top or bottom of the search results page.

About competitive bidding

When you advertise on Google, you don’t get to choose where the ad is displayed, as you would in a print publication. The ads that appear are chosen using an auction process that happens each and every time someone conducts a search. Ad placement is based on your ad rank and credibility with the search network, which the search engine determines using a formula based on several factors. You have influence over two of those factors:

  • Your bid strategy—and the highest bids don’t always rank first.
  • The quality of your ads and website landing page, which affects user experience.

You develop a bid strategy based on your goals. Do you want potential customers to simply become aware of your brand, click into your site, or take a particular action that results in business, such as a phone call or purchase?

Why bid on your own brand name?

Using Google Ads for brand awareness is a great tool to help control the narrative around your brand and gain credibility. 

You’ve worked hard to build brand awareness. Now imagine typing your brand name into Google and finding another company’s ad at the top of the page? It can happen if a competitor’s bid ranks better than yours. And if you don’t run a brand awareness campaign on paid search, you’re making it a lot easier for your competitors.

Good ad placement gives your business the same credibility and authority as a great ranking in the search results. It demonstrates you have the product, service, or information that potential customers are looking for.  

Can I stop competitors from bidding on my brand?

You can’t stop a competitor from bidding on your brand, but there are trademark rules in place. For example, they can’t use your trademark within their ad to make the customer believe they are you. Since you are the real deal, if your ad and website landing page are well designed and you bid high enough, you should rank better and appear more often on Google Ads.

Can I mention competitors in ads?

You can mention your competitors if there is nothing deceptive or untruthful. But before you go this route, ask yourself what you’re hoping to accomplish. As with any advertising channel, your goal should be to increase brand awareness and strengthen your reputation  on its merits.

What is the benefit of using Google search ads?

Google search ads complement your website’s SEO strategy, and ranking well in both will give your customers the assurance they need to do business with you. Here are a few benefits of investing in Google Ads:

  • Google Ads get results quickly. The organic growth needed to rank highly in the search results can take months to achieve. The keyword work for Google Ads is separate and it is considered in each search.
  • You can measure the results. Unlike some forms of advertising, you can track the success of your ad campaign and adjust quickly if you’re not getting quite the results you wanted.
  • You have more control. In addition to adjusting the messages in your text ads easily, you can determine which web pages people will see when they click on your ad.
  • You can target your audience. You can direct your ads to your target demographic, which can improve both sales and the user experience. You can also use remarketing strategies to get your ad in front of people who have previously interacted with your website and are a good fit for your service or product.
  • Get more real estate with ad extensions. Ad extensions show extra business information, like an address, phone number, or rating. These extensions expand your presence on the page and can result in more clicks on your ad. 
  • Your Google Ads audience is more likely to convert. Unlike pure awareness platforms like the Google Display Network and Social Media, with Google Ads you are only paying for clicks from people who are looking for your brand or your targeted keywords. 

How much do Google Ads cost?

You’re probably wondering what kind of budget you’ll need? Well, that depends on your goals. In short, it costs as much or as little as you wish to spend, because you set the amount you’re willing to spend each day or over the course of the campaign. Google Ads has several tools to help you decide how to set your budget.

Are Google Ads worth it?

Many would say absolutely. But you must have a good foundation or you could spend your entire advertising budget with no results to show for it. 

Is your website set up for a good user experience? Do you have the budget to design and maintain a campaign that’s worth advertising? Do you have time to monitor your ad campaign results and make adjustments? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then you may not be ready.

Developing a Google Ads strategy may seem daunting, but the experts at Bluetrain can help you define your goals, prove ROI with Google Analytics, and develop an online advertising strategy to help you meet them. Contact us today and start driving more business to your website.

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