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How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience

You may have heard about Facebook’s relatively new custom audience feature, but do you know what it does? Custom audience is a Facebook feature that allows businesses to target contacts via email, user ID or phone number. If you advertise on Facebook, you know all the options you have for targeting your ad to your specific...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Rethinking Recruitment for Alberta Oil & Gas Jobs

How Online Marketing Can Help Alberta Companies Recruit Smarter The caption under a recent headline by Maclean’s magazine about the best-paying, most hire-happy industries in Canada reads: Why you should learn math and move to Alberta. Working and living in Alberta, we’re all well aware of the challenges Alberta’s companies in the oil and gas...  Read More

Bryan Smith

5 Ways To Kill Your Site

Okay, so we’re being deliberately facetious with the headline of this post (obviously nobody wants to kill their site), but just in case you were curious about what not to do, here is a list of 5 things that could potentially hurt the success of your site. 1. Ignore Mobile It’s old news that having...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Battle of the Sexes: How Men and Women Use Social Media

An infographic from Internet Service Providers displays super interesting data regarding social media usage between men and women. Apparently, women prefer Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (surprise, surprise) over all the other social networking sites. Men prefer Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. According to this data, women do 62% of the sharing on Facebook although 80% of...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Online Customer Service – Social Customer Care

Do You Care About Your Customers? Then, do something about it, online. Customer service is an everyday reality for all of us. Unless you’re living off the grid somewhere, chances are pretty good that you are having at least one interaction per day with a company or organization -that you are a customer of. Far...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

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