With all the changes at Facebook including the Meta rebrand, is Facebook marketing worth it?

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We’ve heard “Meta” being talked about a lot lately, but what is Meta? Are you just as confused as the rest of us? We get it! 

Facebook has seen a lot of changes lately, with the most notable being its rebrand to Meta. Meta is now the corporate name and the parent company of its apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram).

With Meta comes the Metaverse (which is a topic for another time) and many new features within these apps. This futuristic vision involves both AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) applications, and we can see these features come to life in Reels and Live Shopping with AR Try On. 

You might wonder if it’s still worth it to market your small business on Facebook with this ever-changing technology — We believe Facebook is a necessary tool for social commerce, but it does require some knowledge and time spent learning these new features. 

How to Get the Most Out Of Facebook Marketing 

Here are 5 Facebook marketing tips for your small business, to help you get the basics set up and learn a few of the Facebook marketing tricks!

Reels: The Fastest Growing Content-Format.

We know how easy it is to get lost watching captivating videos on Facebook or Instagram, so it’s no surprise that reels are the fastest-growing content format by far, according to Facebook. It’s worth jumping on this trend! 

How can you earn money with reels? Essentially you can monetize your Facebook Reels with overlay ads. These overlay ads will appear transparent and will be placed over the content of the reel you’re posting. It’s all pretty much a passive income, from the creator’s standpoint. To be eligible, all you need is to ensure you are already a part of Facebook’s in-stream ads program. 

Facebook for Business – Consumers Care About Socials First

Not surprisingly, Gen Z is scoping out a business’s social media before going to their actual website. A recent report found that internet users ages 16-24 use social media as a primary means of learning about a brand before they buy. With this age group predicted to be one of the largest sectors of consumers in the coming years, it’s pretty important to make sure your social pages are updated and optimized. 

Step 1 is to make sure you have a Facebook Business Page – follow these 7 steps to get started. 

Set Up Shops

Facebook Shops was introduced in May 2020, when many physical stores were unable to open due to the pandemic. Since then, businesses have had great success selling their products in Shops (available on Facebook and Instagram). This free tool allows you to feature a catalog of your items for sale. 

You can customize the shop to match your brand, though some Shop users have noted that while you can customize your product collection, you are limited in other ways (you can’t include promo codes or a referral program).

Want to set up a shop? Find out how here.

Messenger is A Must

It turns out, that people like being able to connect with other people! Direct messaging for business has been a huge hit — it makes people feel more confident about the brand. Gone are the days of having to send an email to a business and waiting days for a response! 

Though Messenger is often a more convenient way to communicate with customers, one notable downside for business owners is that DM’s can be easily “lost” or missed in your inbox. If you want help getting your inbox sorted, we know how to help!

Groups to Grow Your Business

Facebook Groups are a great way to reach people organically without paying for ads. Businesses can start a group based on their brand and build a community around it, bringing people together who are interested in you and your products. Groups can be a great way to share exclusive content with members and to build relationships with your customers. 

To start a Group, you’ll need a Business Page. Remember to link to your official Business Page within your Group to drive traffic and establish branding!

Benefits of Outsourcing a Social Media Agency 

The nature of Facebook marketing (and social commerce in general) is always evolving – which can make it seem impossible to stay current. With a social media agency, you get access to the experts with industry-specific knowledge, as well as:

  • Access to the best digital marketing tools
  • Growing your social presence on specific platforms
  • Freeing up your time for other tasks

If your head is spinning with all there is to know about social media marketing, we understand! It’s our job to stay on top of the trends and to handle the nitty-gritty details of driving successful socials. Small business owners have enough to juggle, so let us handle the socials and watch your online presence grow, without the hassle! 

Interested in learning more about what our social media team can do for you? Find out more here!

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