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What To Do If You Are Confused About Google+ and Google Places

A few weeks ago, my manager Shauna Heryford asked me to create a Google Places listing for Bluetrain and merge it with our Google+ page. As I began researching how to do this, I quickly realized that it was not actually possible at the moment despite the plethora of “how-to” articles on the subject. I actually...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Read This Before Trying to Merge Your Google Places and Google+

Disclaimer: I have recently found new information since writing this post that I would like to refer readers to. This post is not incorrect, but the latest post outlines strategies for sorting out this whole Google Places/Google+ mess by Mike Blumenthal who is an authority on Local Search and Google Maps. This is the definitive...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Lovable Content. Made Easy.

I recently read a wonderful post entitled Stop Writing Blog Posts by Portent’s Nick Bernard who was writing about the amount of mindless drivel that is churned out by bloggers, SEOs and marketers every day. Bernard says that as content creators we need to stop adding to the virtual garbage heap and focus on creating...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

4 Ways to Rock Your Holiday Online Advertising Campaign

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the store, all were a flurry prepping ads that would bring shoppers through the door. Be proactive this year and get your online holiday advertising campaigns in order well before the Christmas rush. Regardless of whether you have a physical store or an e-commerce site, these tips...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Bluetrain in the Edmonton Journal Again This Week!

How to market a new business? The Edmonton Journal asked our very own Bryan Smith. See Bryan’s answer in this week’s issue of the Edmonton Journal!

Diana Gaviria

Can Google’s Driverless Car Drive Better Than You?

Imagine you’re driving to work one morning and as you look over at the car next to you, you notice the driver is fast asleep at the wheel. Immediately you are thrown into a state of panic because the car is still going 60 km/hr and you’re both approaching a traffic stop where several cars...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Bluetrain in the Edmonton Journal

As this recent feature in the Edmonton Journal affirms, no man is an island, and an entrepreneur is only as strong as her support network. Last week, the Edmonton Journal polled our city’s most successful entrepreneurs to discover who they surround themselves with in order to keep business booming.  We’re proud (and not surprised!) that...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Has Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Improved Search?

On September 26th, just days after dropping the so-called (Not Provided) bomb, Google announced their new search algorithm: Hummingbird. This new algorithm is supposed to be faster and more precise than the previous algorithm and marks Google’s move toward a more semantic web. What’s a ‘semantic web’ you ask? Before you Google it, read what...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Keep Calm and Carry On: Moving Past 100% (Not Provided)

About two years ago, Google announced that searches made on a secure Google webpage would no longer deliver the search term to the destination site. Almost immediately following the announcement, certain SEO bloggers began claiming the death of SEO, and websites began to count down to the day when keyword data would disappear completely. That fateful day...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Teaming Up With Clients To Help Retailers!

One of our clients Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is a premier Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software provider in the country! We are excited to be taking part in a sweepstakes that they have on right now for their 20th anniversary. They are taking this time to give back to their valued clients...  Read More

Mark Neufeld

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