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Keep Calm and Carry On: Moving Past 100% (Not Provided)

About two years ago, Google announced that searches made on a secure Google webpage would no longer deliver the search term to the destination site. Almost immediately following the announcement, certain SEO bloggers began claiming the death of SEO, and websites began to count down to the day when keyword data would disappear completely. That fateful day...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Teaming Up With Clients To Help Retailers!

One of our clients Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) is a premier Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software provider in the country! We are excited to be taking part in a sweepstakes that they have on right now for their 20th anniversary. They are taking this time to give back to their valued clients...  Read More

Mark Neufeld

Southern Alberta Floods, Disasters, and Online Marketing

When writing this post, I wanted to talk about “online marketing” in a way that didn’t make it sound like taking advantage of people’s misery for corporate gain, which this isn’t. Really it isn’t. See – not an easy task. That said, in our world of organic search and online marketing, there are many ways...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Ongoing SEO Services – Insurance For Business – Because Mayhem is Everywhere

“Mayhem is everywhere” is the tagline of a popular ad campaign for AllState Insurance. It features actor Dean Winters playing the role of Mayhem, because you don’t expect the things that happen, things you need to be insured against. If you’re a business owner, you don’t think twice about taking out insurance for your business....  Read More

Bryan Smith

What The Heck Is Online Marketing…And How Do I Use It?

What The Heck Is Online Marketing…Part 1-Remarketing I wrote this blog nearly 8 months ago, it having never been posted I thought I would look through it again before posting it now!  It is interesting to look back, even if only 8 months, and see how much life has changed in such a short stretch...  Read More

Mark Neufeld

The Internship: 5 Online Marketing Lessons from a Movie About Google

Last Friday, thanks to our fearless leader, Bryan, we went to the new Google Internship movie as a fun office teambuilding activity – particularly important since the office has been growing (I’m one of the new additions) and we wanted to get to know each other better. The Internship is a new movie with Vince...  Read More

Alyana Angus

Online Customer Service – Social Customer Care

Do You Care About Your Customers? Then, do something about it, online. Customer service is an everyday reality for all of us. Unless you’re living off the grid somewhere, chances are pretty good that you are having at least one interaction per day with a company or organization -that you are a customer of. Far...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

Bluetrain’s Online Marketing Team Expands in Edmonton

The Spring of 2013 has been busy at Bluetrain and we’ve recently grown our team to 13 amazing individuals with the addition of both an SEO Strategist and Account Manager in our Sherwood Park, Alberta office (just outside of Edmonton). Whiz-Bang SEO Strategist – Shauna Carther Our new SEO Strategist, Shauna Carther, comes to us...  Read More

Bryan Smith

Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update: Was Your Site’s SEO Hit by Penguin?

Penguin 2.0 SEO Impacts: Was your site hit by the Penguin 4 Update? Penguin 2.0 (aka Penguin 4) has been unleashed by Google. On May 22, 2103, the latest round in Google’s war on web spam, Penguin 2.0, had SEOs and website owners biting their fingernails wondering if they would be hit. Penguin 2.0 is...  Read More

Tina Wilson

Zero Moments of Truth in Online Advertising

Ok, so there’s a double-meaning in the title – punning (as usual) on Google’s ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth philosophy, and the concept of truth in advertising. But the literal interpretation of this phrase is definitely one I can get behind. There is essentially no truth in advertising – the moments of truth start...  Read More

Diana Gaviria

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